3800 Hard Pixel
Hard Pixel Download Free!

Hard Pixel

HardPixel - the name of the game speaks for itself. You play per pixel and go through difficult levels. Your goal is to reach to the portal that takes you to the next level. The game is short and does not take much time. Only 30 levels near the end game mechanics change and you can climb walls or change gravity. Good luck!
3801 Dead Wasteland
Dead Wasteland Download Free!

Dead Wasteland

In this town, people no longer live. There is a dead wasteland and only the walking dead and hunters. Hunters for the dead. You are one of these hunters. Look for weapons and kill zombies. The town must belong alive.
3802 Happy Vampire Girl
Happy Vampire Girl Download Free!

Happy Vampire Girl

A new adventure for a vampire girl. Classic match 3 game with a girl vampire. Play, relax and enjoy fun music. Classic takimkiller match 3 game. Control is carried out with the mouse.
3803 Gravity Wars Black Hole
Gravity Wars Black Hole Download Free!

Gravity Wars Black Hole

Have you ever created celestial bodies? And here it is done in one touch!
3804 Electric Scribe
Electric Scribe Download Free!

Electric Scribe

No electricity? Internet does not work? Need to repair. Feel like an electrician, in a funny puzzle game Electric Scribe. Spend energy to the house and save people from boredom and gloom. Many levels, simple and complex, which will require from you not only logic, but also speed. Become the country's top electrician with the Electric Scribe!
3805 Derrek Quest 7
Derrek Quest 7 Download Free!

Derrek Quest 7

The next, 7th part of the adventure of Derrek. This time, after many planets have been captured. You have to free them, save the world from new threats. Travel around the world, fly to captured planets and cleanse them of the undead.
3806 Derrek Quest 5
Derrek Quest 5 Download Free!

Derrek Quest 5

You play as a resident of the planet Eagle - Luana. You are Derrek's worst enemy. You need to fly all the worlds and the planet on your ship. Grab and enslave them. Beware of defense systems, each planet is a separate world in which there are many traps and dangers. At any time you can escape from the clearing in the ship, to replenish lives and patrons.
3807 Forgotten Adventure
Forgotten Adventure Download Free!

Forgotten Adventure

A forgotten adventure is a game about a nice little man. Somehow our hero forgot the road, he was lost and got into an enchanted place. And now, he is looking for his way, overcoming traps, dangers and various obstacles. Every time he falls into a trap, everything starts with a new one. Take on the role of this unfortunate little man and try to take the biggest record for passing! In the game you have to try to go as many places as possible and set a record. But be careful, because you are surrounded by various hazards: from water to circular saws! In the Forgotten adventure there are game bonuses: extra life and speeding up the character. You can get bonuses by spending coins, which you will collect as you progress through the game: they will come across you along the way, as well as in hidden corners, you can even find a chest with coins!
3808 Grape Jelly
Grape Jelly Download Free!

Grape Jelly

Take on the role of sweet grape jelly! Help him jump over various obstacles. Dial the highest score, beat all records! But be careful, because with every second the game gets complicated, and you only have 3 lives.
3809 Object Cleaning
Object Cleaning Download Free!

Object Cleaning

The main character randomly gets on the secret object "Cleaning". There he learns that an unforeseen catastrophe occurred on this site: all the personnel infected with an unknown virus, horrible monsters appeared. You have to get out of the laboratory, defeat monsters, using a different arsenal of weapons: from mines to machine gun turrets. The game contains scenes of blood.
3810 Primitive Shooter
Primitive Shooter Download Free!

Primitive Shooter

Primitive Shooter - an interesting and exciting game, made in a minimalist style! Take on the role of the main character, shoot out from enemies, set new records and all this under pleasant music! The game has many waves (levels), each of which has more and more opponents. As you progress through the game, you will receive a variety of weapons that will help you through more difficult levels.
3811 Project Defense
Project Defense Download Free!

Project Defense

Project Defense - game in the genre of defense tower. You have to repel the enemy's attacks on the main base, for this you will need a variety of turrets, from the machine gun to the lasers and missile salvos. To improve the efficiency of your tower, you can improve them, up to three times! Build, defend the base and win!
3812 Shards Of Memory
Shards Of Memory Download Free!

Shards Of Memory

Shards of memory is a game in the genre of platformer, which takes place in the dreams of a teenager who has fallen into a coma. Fifteen-year-old Ikigay (his name), the protagonist of the game, must get out of the time loop by collecting fragments of his own memories. As you go through and collect fragments, the player does not open up the best features of the guy, for whom he must repent if he wants to return to the real world. During his adventures in a dream, Ikigay is accompanied by a voice that helps to explore strange worlds where main character is. The goal of the whole action is not to teach the young man a lesson, but to make it clear to whom he is really dear and that he should be protected.
3813 Slope Drive
Slope Drive Download Free!

Slope Drive

Feel yourself as a cool driver in the game Slope Drive. At your disposal are many races and cars that you can open as you progress through. A large open world will not let you get bored in a free ride. The game has cars of different types, both modern, vintage and sports. Good luck!
3814 Demon Lord
Demon Lord Download Free!

Demon Lord

Taking advantage of the loss of human patronage of the gods, the demons decided to seize power over humanity. No one and nothing can resist the creatures of hell. Being on the verge of death, the powerful sorcerer Raadshar, predicts that a half-blood will ever come into the world, who will either become the last reliable human race or completely destroy it. Several centuries after the death of Raadshar, the ancient prophecy comes true and a half-demon is born, whose actions must decide the fate of the human race.
3815 Evil Death
Evil Death Download Free!

Evil Death

EvilDeath is a pixel 2D platformer! The game is challenging, but fun with lots of levels. This is a platformer where you can test your ability to pass difficult levels. In this game you will need Pass the levels that you need to work on. You will find 4 unique world with a variety of levels, locations and characters. You will have to take the time to get through this game! Good luck!
3816 Cocaine Factory
Cocaine Factory Download Free!

Cocaine Factory

You are an elite special forces soldier. Every day you fought evil - criminals and drug lords. But one day the irreparable happened - they set you up. After a blow to the head, you spent the whole night in the basement, and when you woke up, the whole factory was already filled with soldiers. In addition to the soldiers, you have strange sensations and visions. You pumped! Take a gun and do not let yourself be killed!
3817 Bird
Bird Download Free!


The Bird game is a small parody of the Flappy Bird game. You need to prevent the bird from falling to the ground or colliding with the object. Management is simple, you just need to click on the screen. The genre of this game is a platformer. Created by Karsonnary.
3818 The Strawberry
The Strawberry Download Free!

The Strawberry

You control a beautiful bowl of yours, aim to catch as many strawberries as possible.
3819 Mad Dagger 2
Mad Dagger 2 Download Free!

Mad Dagger 2

The second part, about Evil Dag. This time, his favorite moccasin was stolen from Doug. No one knows who the villain is. Doug got very angry, took his big gun, went to look for his favorite red moccasin. On the way, Dagu will have to fight with many villains and bosses. Find the main villain and save your love.
3820 Mad Muzzles
Mad Muzzles Download Free!

Mad Muzzles

Tired of shooters and survivors? Rest and strain your brain with a logical game three in a row. The game will be interesting not only for boys and girls, but also for their parents. Many levels, ranging from easy to very difficult. Mad Muzzles will be remembered by you and will leave a pleasant impression for a long time.
3821 Mad Driver
Mad Driver Download Free!

Mad Driver

If you like cars, do you like to park? Logic puzzles that you need to solve to find a parking place. A lot of interference will interfere with this difficult task. Collect coins, do not break the car and park in the correct area. Colorful logical puzzle in the style of cars. Drive a car, go around obstacles, park your car.
3822 Road Runner
Road Runner Download Free!

Road Runner

Meet Charlie, and he needs to run a marathon, his path lies through dangerous traps and obstacles, birds, rolling barrels, abysses and much more, waiting on the path of poor Charlie, can he overcome all these difficulties, go all the way and prove everything that he is a real marathon runner? All in your hands!
3823 Mad Arkanoid
Mad Arkanoid Download Free!

Mad Arkanoid

Mad Arkanoid is a classic and popular Mad World game. Fascinating and dynamic gameplay. You control the skate across the screen. You need to break all the blocks and beat the ball with the skate. The main feature of the game are all sorts of bonuses that affect the gameplay. Please note that you will interfere with the flying elephant, homeless and many others. You need to be careful and precise, then you can conquer the world of Mad Arkanoid.
3824 The Wanderings Dragon
The Wanderings Dragon Download Free!

The Wanderings Dragon

The game takes place in ancient times, when dragons lived on earth, and people were hiding in castles. But our dragon is special, he is not like everyone else. And all because it eats only apples and thorns, not human meat. Your task is to feed the dragon, visit distant lands and find food everywhere to feed yourself. You will need all Your wit, agility and skill, so as not to fall into the trap or danger and reach the end. The game is designed for children, but sure and adults will not have little fun if it will be. In this exciting platformer You are waiting for traps and puzzles, interesting and beautiful scenery and positive sea!
3825 The Duller
The Duller Download Free!

The Duller

The Duller - is a dynamic retro-style game in which you have to protect the Earth and destroy the enemy and fight with a huge boss who wants to capture the entire galaxy. At each level, you are waiting for improvements, interesting bonuses and new enemies. Do not forget to collect mini-drones to score as many points and become the best among friends and acquaintances. Can you save the Earth?
3826 Ball Jumper
Ball Jumper Download Free!

Ball Jumper

Ball Jumper 3D - is a new arcade game that allow you use various balls having gravity to make if fall freely and to score as you fall down crossing helix tower obstacles in the free space.
3827 Cube Man VS Zombies
Cube Man VS Zombies Download Free!

Cube Man VS Zombies

Join the unequal opposition to the hordes of zombies! The city is attacked, quickly collect all the weapons that you can find and fight off bloodthirsty monsters! Slay the crowds of zombies with various weapons, collect bonuses and strengthen the hero. Stylish graphics and dynamic gameplay will not let you get bored!
3828 Hungry Zombies 2
Hungry Zombies 2 Download Free!

Hungry Zombies 2

Zombies are highly mutated. The more zombies ate meat, the more he mutated. Now zombies are not slow, but fast and intelligent hunters for the living. Zombies are not averse to eat zombies weaker, but do not wait for the zombies to eat each other. Kill the zombie mutants. Give hope to the survivors.
3829 Drift Hunter 2
Drift Hunter 2 Download Free!

Drift Hunter 2

Are you a drift master? Prove your skills in the game Drift Hunter 2. Drive your car and make cool drift on different tracks. Drift to score a high score and make money. Use the money you earn to buy new cars and tracks! Good luck!
3830 Psycho Deal
Psycho Deal Download Free!

Psycho Deal

Not enough action and hardcore? Sometimes you want to throw out their aggression. For this fit shooter Psycho Deal. Here you can realize your need for shooting. Destroy the aliens before they destroy you. At your disposal a full arsenal of weapons. Survive the strongest.
3831 Fishy
Fishy Download Free!


This is a clicker game of the genre, click on the fish reaching a new level, and opening a new fish. Reach the highest level in the game Fishy. The best game to kill time for your PC. There are three levels of fish, the top level is considered a goldfish. The game will help you to kill time when you are bored and want to have fun, poking at the fish and getting points.
3832 Catch This Food
Catch This Food Download Free!

Catch This Food

This fun arcade game will make you sweat! Manage a tray that has to catch food falling from above. But be careful, the type of food should be the same as on the tray itself. With each minute it will get harder and the falling food even more. Beat your own records and prove that you are the best. " food catcher "in the world!
3833 Brutal Vikings
Brutal Vikings Download Free!

Brutal Vikings

Demons attacked a small Viking village. The villagers had to flee. But not everyone was willing to leave their home and the bravest warriors decided to recapture their village. Collect all the crystal fragments to break the barrier and kill the Archdemona. Move the vikings to their home. The game has two modes: storyline and survival mode.
3834 Flappy Ghost
Flappy Ghost Download Free!

Flappy Ghost

Welcome to the world of the Flappy Ghost. Help the ghost to escape from the dark world. Control the ghost with touching the screen to fly, and avoid obstacles. Download Flappy Ghost, and travel to this world full of secrets and fear.
3835 The Ned Balls
The Ned Balls Download Free!

The Ned Balls

THE NED BALLS - a Classic - physical timekiller, where the player controlling the ball, must go the distance and get to the checkpoint, for a minimum period of time. 3D graphics, nice music and interesting puzzles. Ball control is performed by WASD buttons.
3836 Uncompromising Trash
Uncompromising Trash Download Free!

Uncompromising Trash

You have not seen this for a long time, you have not experienced this for a long time. Your hero, behind the group - sperm. You need to survive killing bacteria from a variety of weapons, throw bloody swabs, shoot shit and falimimetator, spit green snot and kill all enemies. Frankly nasty bosses will not let you breathe easy, a squall of filth will bring you to madness. Survival mode will be able to identify the strongest. You need to kill all the abomination. Collect food and buy gostrabytera, he will protect you and support you in your not easy way - to survive. Stay alive - only you can continue to live on earth.
3837 Stickman Road Draw 2
Stickman Road Draw 2 Download Free!

Stickman Road Draw 2

Stickman Racer Road Draw 2 is a legendary survival game where you have to do cool tricks on various vehicles. The game is made in the best traditions of simulators with elements of ragdoll physics. Perform cool jumps and stunts and mercilessly destroy the enemy! Your task is to reach the finish line alive or dead!
3838 Steel Invaders
Steel Invaders Download Free!

Steel Invaders

Infinitely addictive arcade
3839 Coloring Book
Coloring Book Download Free!

Coloring Book

This is a coloring book for your child. Your child can color the contours as his imagination allows. This game develops the concept of color, fantasy and perseverance.
3840 Android The Ekvi
Android The Ekvi Download Free!

Android The Ekvi

Android The Ekvi is a 2D platform in which you will help android as Ekvi return your diamonds back. It all started when Ekvi looked at his diamonds for half a day and enjoyed them. He did this for so long that, without noticing how night fell. He is like all living things, went to sleep But in the morning, where his diamonds lay, he found nothing but black marks on the floor. Where are the diamonds to be? Right! Someone stole them. After this event, Ekvi went to return his diamonds.
3841 Space Wars
Space Wars Download Free!

Space Wars

Space Wars - a game that takes you into a world full of space battles. Shoot and destroy enemy spaceships. Get points for each enemy killed, but be careful, the enemies also know how to shoot. Do not give bored and asteroids. Destroy this space junk and you may drop a bonus. Play, score points and set new records!
3842 Tiny Ship War
Tiny Ship War Download Free!

Tiny Ship War

Tiny ship war is a 2D arcade game where you need to sink your opponent! To do this, you can shoot cores, drop floating bombs and maneuver ships to survive! The game has 3 maps with different tactical conditions! You can use TWO modes: PvP and Against bots! Most importantly - do not go to the island!
3843 Monsters Arena City 3
Monsters Arena City 3 Download Free!

Monsters Arena City 3

After the explosion at a chemical plant, many people became mutants. It was necessary to do something quickly. We decided to call specially trained people, but they turned out to be few. It was decided to teach the new team. You are one of the team. For this equipped arena for training. Train to destroy monsters and a real battle awaits you.
3844 Rescue Lucy
Rescue Lucy Download Free!

Rescue Lucy

You have to play the main character of the girl, who was walking in the woods with her dog Lucy. Everything was fine until Lucy escaped deep into the forest from you. Our heroine was looking for her dog in the forest and did not notice how night fell. Soon she found an old house where, in her opinion, her dog Lucy could shelter. The main character now needs to conduct its own investigation, you can say you are not playing a children's fairy tale, but a real detective story. Now you have to enter this terrible house and find your dog. That's just the girl does not know what horror awaits her outside the door. The game is made in a beautiful performance. Our heroine spent the whole day looking for her dog in the night forest. On the way she came across gophers who wanted to make an escape from the girl. In the old house you are waiting for beautiful, gothic locations in which mystical surprises will await you. Surprises can be very scary, because of fear, any player will want to escape from this terrible house. You will definitely enjoy this escape game! There will be many rooms in the house, and each door will also have its own sequence number. You will need to do a search for all items to deal with this misunderstanding! Many different locations, lots of rooms with puzzles and monsters. Collect various items by combining them to open doors. Find ways to destroy all the scary monsters in this house. Hurry up to save your beloved dog, your beloved dog. Arrange an escape from this gloomy house! Detective is waiting for you! Fabulous and mystical atmosphere will immerse you in an amazing adventure. Beautiful graphics and music will relax you and calm you down from the scary moments of the game. You will find a variety of puzzles and various mystical creatures. The game will appeal to those who love quiet games, where you can play slowly. Just like players who love the game in the style of escape game. The game will also appeal to horror lovers. Another game will appeal to those who love the game in the style of the object search. Stop reading! Go save Lucy!
3845 BLUEK
BLUEK Download Free!


BLUEK - a tiny creature that fell into danger. Help him get out of a very dangerous cave.
3846 Planet 2117
Planet 2117 Download Free!

Planet 2117

Back in 2078, the era of the colonization of other planets has come. A small modular drone R94, under the control of a pilot from a reconnaissance ship, unsuccessfully landed on a planet called 2117. And from that moment, the difficult path begins. R94 is required to find all the modules to find the console, and leave the planet. Each module is responsible for its function, without which it is impossible to go further.
3847 Love Story Jailbreak
Love Story Jailbreak Download Free!

Love Story Jailbreak

Love story about prison
3848 Inverted
Inverted Download Free!


Inverted is a new game that is ready to surprise and please fans to stretch their brains. The protagonist of this puzzle mysteriously found himself in a castle filled with loneliness, fear, oblivion. In addition to his charismatic appearance and ability to fascinate women, he has a skill in which only his desire can change the gravity around him, thereby bypassing various traps and dangerous obstacles. Inverted can please fans of all genres and all ages. Enjoy beautiful music, beautiful graphics, immerse yourself in the atmosphere that the game masterfully presents to its players and just have fun in this game.
3849 Hungry Zombies
Hungry Zombies Download Free!

Hungry Zombies

Long walking on the road, you went into town. This is a small town on the edge of the wasteland. It has long been abandoned and destroyed. Going into the building of the destroyed cafe they decided to rest. Just sitting at the table immediately heard the noise. This town is teeming with hungry zombies. Kill all the zombies.
3850 Cosmo Hero
Cosmo Hero Download Free!

Cosmo Hero

Cosmos comes to an end! The aliens want to seize space. But one brave man decides to save the cosmos. You will have to fight the enemy boxes and destroy them. Hold on as long as possible and remember decides not only strength but also reason. Join us, do not be lazy!