100 Frog
Frog Download Free!


You play as a frog trying to get to the goblet. The game consists of five DIFFICULT levels, which will validate your ability to complete such platformers. Try not to quit this game before you finish. This game is possible to pass, you just need to try. Good luck!
101 Try Get Out Of Strange Forest
Try Get Out Of Strange Forest Download Free!

Try Get Out Of Strange Forest

Try get out of strange forest is an exciting game in which you have to fight with numerous difficulties to escape from a mysterious forest, not everyone can do it, good luck traveler.
102 Planet Destroing
Planet Destroing Download Free!

Planet Destroing

Planet Destroing is a game in which you play as a traveler from the future. Your task is to save the planet. You will fight against aliens and meteorites. Collect space currency "Yeller" and improve yourself and your planet. "You are our last hope ...".
103 Bebra Siege
Bebra Siege Download Free!

Bebra Siege

Bebra Siege is a cool 2D game in the Shoot'em Up genre. Compete with your friends, beat their records one by one. Use various player abilities for this, such as stopping time and "ult". Defend the wall that protects a peaceful village from the attacks of demonic creatures, holding back the onslaught of hordes of ghost skeletons, defeat enemy bosses and develop coordination and the ability to analyze the situation in the game Bebra Siege! Free, only from Falco Software.
104 Ultimate Puzzles Collection
Ultimate Puzzles Collection Download Free!

Ultimate Puzzles Collection

Ultimate Puzzles Collection is the first part of a new series of puzzles that combines several previously released collections. This collection combines Ultimate Puzzles Animals and Ultimate Puzzles Animals 2, but now with improved design, with an aspect ratio of 16: 9 and smaller. Choose the animal you like and put it forward. Each puzzle is 4x4 in size, but this is complicated by the fact that the puzzles must be rotated in the right direction.
105 Banana Breaker
Banana Breaker Download Free!

Banana Breaker

Enjoy this awesome BananaBreaker game, break the blocks and the heart can scale the ball you can move with your mouse, the graphics are amazing. Enjoy this amazing game and don't lose.
106 Game Boy Adventure
Game Boy Adventure Download Free!

Game Boy Adventure

Game Boy Adventure is a legendary platformer with an amazing jungle adventure. Let's take an adventure, be a brave hero, and fight against the aliens, monsters, and Big Bosses. Game Boy Adventure is easy for all ages to pick up and play, but at the same time challenging to master it, this platformer game takes you on an adventure unlike any other you can slide, jump, attack, fire your enemy comes to your way. Try to unlock other Lands if you have the skills to conquer them. Game Boy Adventure GamePlay: Jump and Run through various mysterious lands and mythical worlds to discover breathtaking places and reveal their hidden secrets. Try to win as many trophies as you can!
107 Passing Man
Passing Man Download Free!

Passing Man

PassingMan - This is a game where a man goes through levels. When you start playing the game, you can turn the music on or off. The game has as many as 4 levels.
108 Ultimate Puzzles Animals 4
Ultimate Puzzles Animals 4 Download Free!

Ultimate Puzzles Animals 4

Ultimate Puzzles Animals 4 is a new puzzle collection that focuses on wildlife. Choose the animal you like and put it forward. Each puzzle is 4x4 in size, but this is complicated by the fact that the puzzles must be rotated in the right direction.
109 Unexpected Guets
Unexpected Guets Download Free!

Unexpected Guets

Be careful! Difficult obstacles await you on the way and any mistake can end the game. After death, the main character's hat changes. You can double jump by pressing the space bar twice. There are saves.
110 Ultimate Puzzles Cars 3
Ultimate Puzzles Cars 3 Download Free!

Ultimate Puzzles Cars 3

Ultimate Puzzles Cars 3 is a new puzzle collection dedicated to sports cars. Choose your favorite sports car and fold it forward. Each puzzle is 4x4 in size, but this is complicated by the fact that the puzzles must be rotated in the right direction.
111 Bow Man
Bow Man Download Free!

Bow Man

This game is an arcade. All you have to do is kill the monsters. Try to kill as many monsters as possible to make the highest score possible. Don't forget that by destroying the monsters you earn money with which you can later buy upgrades. good luck and fun.
112 Finger Soccer Game
Finger Soccer Game Download Free!

Finger Soccer Game

Finger Soccer Game is a turn-based soccer game. With simple game play and great physics, Finger Soccer Game is easy to pick up and fun to play! You don't need to be master of the soccer game , just drag the ball, adjust power and direction, and kick the ball to the goal.
113 Atari Arcade Game Asteroids
Atari Arcade Game Asteroids Download Free!

Atari Arcade Game Asteroids

Atari Arcade Game Asteroids is an arcade shooting game on a space theme. The player controls one spaceship in the asteroid field, which is periodically crossed by flying saucers. The goal of the game is to shoot and destroy asteroids and plates without colliding with either one or the other, and without falling under the oncoming fire of the plates. The game becomes more difficult as the number of asteroids increases.
114 World The Ball
World The Ball Download Free!

World The Ball

This is a wonderful walker where you will find a lot of obstacles, your task is to bypassing or overcoming these obstacles, you will find a beautiful and fascinating atmosphere of the game because you will end up in the "World of the ball" look for secret levels collect coins and get to the end immerse yourself in an exciting world!
115 Block Parkour
Block Parkour Download Free!

Block Parkour

Block Parkour - The good thing about this game is that you go through the levels and from this you get pleasure from the game. In this game, a man jumps from block to block, thereby passing all the levels.
116 In Search Of Adventure
In Search Of Adventure Download Free!

In Search Of Adventure

You and your friends went camping, but you split from your group. Your task is to get out of the forest. And find out why your friends left you. But you will remember something. Forward!
117 Put Your Mask On
Put Your Mask On Download Free!

Put Your Mask On

Vaccinate, distribute masks, identify the sick!
118 Toby Adventure
Toby Adventure Download Free!

Toby Adventure

Toby Adventure is a 2D platformer. You will play as Toby, jump from platform to platform so as not to fall on the spikes and get to the finish line. Five exciting levels await you. Can you pass them? We'll see!
119 The Dead Day III
The Dead Day III Download Free!

The Dead Day III

This is a classic tooth-crushing first-person shooter mixed with survival horror, which takes place in a modern world affected by a deadly virus - a world affected by a terrible epidemic. Manage to get out of this turmoil and prove that you are the best among friends.
120 Anonymous Adventures
Anonymous Adventures Download Free!

Anonymous Adventures

Anonymous Adventures is a 2D Arcade Platformer. You will to game for anonymous, which will to amass Gitcoins and defeat enemies. An exciting adventure across numerous varied levels awaits you that you will remember forever. But be careful, you waiting dangers. Can you overcome them? We'll see!
121 Ultimate Puzzles Cars 2
Ultimate Puzzles Cars 2 Download Free!

Ultimate Puzzles Cars 2

Ultimate Puzzles Cars 2 is a new puzzle collection that focuses on cars. This time you have to fold sports cars. Choose the one you like and fold it forward. Each puzzle is 4x4 in size, but this is complicated by the fact that the puzzles must be rotated in the right direction.
122 Save Humanity
Save Humanity Download Free!

Save Humanity

This game is about how evil monsters attacked planet Earth and a friend of planet Earth, namely the sun fights against evil spirits.
123 English Alphabet
English Alphabet Download Free!

English Alphabet

The English alphabet for learning letters and some words, as well as to consolidate existing knowledge. Thanks to bright and recognizable images, it will be interesting for children and adults, all letters and words are voiced. A table with phonemes is available in the application. The graphics have been adapted for large screens, allowing you to use the app more comfortably with a large TV screen or projector.
124 Beer
Beer Download Free!


Your friends asked you to run to the store for a beer before eleven. You have to jump from platform to platform. But not everything is so simple, some platforms will not be real. Set your attention otherwise you can jump past the platform and you will have to start the level all over again. Good luck!
125 Brawl On The Island
Brawl On The Island Download Free!

Brawl On The Island

Brawl On The Island is a dynamic 2D shooter with a top view, where you have to hold out as long as possible to survive on the island. You need to shoot at the enemies, not letting them get close to you and dodge enemy bullets. The game features 5 types of weapons (pistol, automatic pistol, shotgun, submachine gun and minigun) and 6 types of enemies.
126 The Mummy Adventure
The Mummy Adventure Download Free!

The Mummy Adventure

Try your best skills and hunt the treasures hidden in the pyramids tombs The Mummy Adventure is a game in which game you get a a lot fun if you play properly as like pro players. Complete the Levels and and collect the hidden treasure. you need to safely play the game, Don't hit with traps and monsters who protect/guard the treasure, if you hit then you die. Total 3 chance to complete the level.
127 Swift Elf
Swift Elf Download Free!

Swift Elf

Swift Elf is a 2D platformer with adventure elements. In it you have to play as a clever elf who found himself in mysterious lands. Help him find a way out, destroy monsters and go through location after location collecting bonuses on his way! In the game you have to go through more than 50 game levels, while you will die over and over again and despite your mistakes, you will have to go through the level on a new one!
128 Mysterious Blocks 2
Mysterious Blocks 2 Download Free!

Mysterious Blocks 2

Mysterious Blocks 2 is the second part of an exciting puzzle game in which you will find many interesting and difficult levels. You are waiting for a new meeting with a mysterious stranger who again needs your help, destroy block by block to advance further. It is up to you to decide whether you will be able to go this way.
129 Speed Biker
Speed Biker Download Free!

Speed Biker

Speed Biker is a hardcore game. You have to drive the track to the finish line. This will not be so easy to do. Good luck!
130 Falcon Warrior 2
Falcon Warrior 2 Download Free!

Falcon Warrior 2

Distant future. You are one of the space gladiators who makes his living by fights with different creatures that were brought to the arenas from different parts of the galaxy. Level up and unlock new arenas! Really cool music will help you completely immerse yourself in the dynamics of this game! What record can you set?
131 Space Hole
Space Hole Download Free!

Space Hole

Space Hole is a space game where you avoid obstacles to get as far as possible. Is your reaction good enough to challenge Space Hole? Race at breakneck speed through the ever-changing space tunnel, where there are various obstacles at every step. Race along the colorful tunnel at high speed, collect hearts to make your journey easier. How far can you go? Will you be able to keep up?
132 Pain Band
Pain Band Download Free!

Pain Band

The game is an obstacle course with hardcore gameplay and beautiful graphics. You have only one chance to pass the test. When a character dies, you will have to start from the beginning. Try your luck and try to survive.
133 Santa
Santa Download Free!


Santa is a single player reverse-heist. Sneak into an unwitting family home and generously deliver presents before you're spotted and the police are called. "Santa" needs to use his wits, his dexterity, and his brute force entry tactics to make sure every family has a Merry Christmas.
134 Fearless Racer
Fearless Racer Download Free!

Fearless Racer

Fearless Racer is a game for true lovers of driving a car. Become a fearless racer and ride your iron horse anywhere in the world! Overcome obstacles no matter where you are. Whether it's an ordinary summer or winter with slippery roads, even a zombie apocalypse or even 2077 itself. Playing Fearless Racer you will be charged with emotions and energy for the whole day!
135 Bunker Stalina
Bunker Stalina Download Free!

Bunker Stalina

BunkerStalina is a horror platformer game. In it, you play as a journalist who decides to check a place from a newspaper. There are terrible monsters and scary places waiting for him. Try to survive in this bunker.
136 Yoshimitsu Hatsumi
Yoshimitsu Hatsumi Download Free!

Yoshimitsu Hatsumi

Yoshimitsu & Hatsumi is a nail-biting mix of RPG and classical Fighting. Kill your enemies, humiliate ninja bosses, and be the one to close the Shadow Era.
137 Well No Part 2
Well No Part 2 Download Free!

Well No Part 2

Well NO Part 2 is the continuation of one of my most popular games, in which this time you have to go a hard way and solve the mystery of the mad doctor. Will you be able to pass all his tests and not go crazy? Can you solve the mystery of the disappearance of your friends? All this YOU can learn in this wonderful game.
138 Rockcar
Rockcar Download Free!


Rockcar is a 2D football game for two in which you control radio-controlled cars. The whole gameplay resembles a real football game, but with elements of survival racing, the main task is to score as many goals as possible into the opponent's goal in order to get the highest score. Choose the car you like and go with your friend to the dynamic game.
139 Retiree
Retiree Download Free!


Retiree is a game about an old man in Russia in which you will have to try to live for 14 days. Also, depending on your actions, the ending will change, prices will change in stores every day, so you will have to buy in different stores. The game is for Windows only.
140 Ultimate Puzzles Flowers
Ultimate Puzzles Flowers Download Free!

Ultimate Puzzles Flowers

Ultimate Puzzles Flowers is a new collection of jigsaw puzzles dedicated to bright and varied colors. Choose the puzzle you like and put it in front. Each puzzle is 4x4 in size, but this is complicated by the fact that the puzzles must be rotated in the right direction.
141 Book
Book Download Free!


Card solitaire. Distinctive features of the game: sound and music, original preservation of game results, scalability of the main window and all child objects, including maps. Having played a cycle of 10 rounds, you can send your account to our server, so that fans of this game around the world can compete with each other. To use all the features of the game, you may need additional dlls, which can be found on the developer's website.
142 Thirsty Guy
Thirsty Guy Download Free!

Thirsty Guy

A low-poly 3D survival game on a small island with constantly falling meteorites and flying planes.There is a window of creatures and all that (the game is not boring :))
143 Sleep OR
Sleep OR Download Free!

Sleep OR

Dreams. An ordinary office worker returned home. All chores are done, night is falling. Walking up to the bed and collapsing, this often happens, but this time the man did not even make it. Strange blinking began around him, he looks around in horror. I fell asleep, he thinks, but everything is so real here, and suddenly not. Hallucinations? You need to overcome fear and take a step forward.
144 Returef
Returef Download Free!


A certain object can transform into three different states (stone-tree-bubble), using this ability you will need to go through obstacles and reach the exit from the secret experimental complex. The game has 10 levels.
145 Kruozent Castle Mystery
Kruozent Castle Mystery Download Free!

Kruozent Castle Mystery

There was a count in his own castle and he was very rich. So that no thief could steal his treasures, the count hired a strange scientist-inventor from a distant country, who always wore a mask. This inventor, in one of the parts of the castle, made many mechanisms with the help of which he protected the count's treasures. Time passed and the Count vnezano died, taking with him the secret of the mechanisms that reveal the hidden treasures. To open the hiding places and take possession of the count's treasures, his relatives hired a local craftsman-inventor. So, in order to get the treasures in each part of the castle, you have to solve the mystery of the mechanisms of a mysterious inventor in a mask. Memory the was a count not very good with , therefore, at his request, the scientist-inventor, making hiding places, left inscriptions on the tablets that suggest the way to open the hiding place. Use these tips to complete your task. To protect himself, our hero put on the armor of a knight and began to unravel the secrets of the Kruosent castle. Be careful, some machinery can be dangerous. In each level, be sure to collect all the coins.
146 Purple Virus
Purple Virus Download Free!

Purple Virus

You control a nanorobot that has been implanted into the body of a sick person. To survive, you need to control the nanorobot to destroy all viruses in the human body. The virus can be destroyed in two ways. The first is that a collision with a virus destroys it, but in this case, the energy of the nanorobot decreases. Second, by moving particles, you can close the virus in a trap so that he cannot move, then after a while he will die. You also need to protect body cells. If all cells are destroyed then you are lost. Some viruses multiply. Other viruses destroy the protective particles. There is a dangerous virus that can attack a nanorobot, and can also very quickly destroy a cell of the body. You need to develop tactics to survive and destroy the purple virus. The game has 10 levels.
147 Falcon Warrior
Falcon Warrior Download Free!

Falcon Warrior

Falcon Warrior is a 3 arena shooter in which awaits you: cool graphics, great soundtrack, cannon and hordes of monsters who want to devour you! Set records in each of the proposed arenas: Underground base, power station and underground shelter in the cave! Manage to pick up first aid kits and cartridges to survive as long as possible!
148 Mahjong Connect Medieval
Mahjong Connect Medieval Download Free!

Mahjong Connect Medieval

Mahjong connect: medieval - is the second part of tile-matching puzzle game. Simply connect pairs adjacent to each other and on the outer edge of the board before the time runs out. Now in medieval setting!
149 The Sphere
The Sphere Download Free!

The Sphere

The Sphere is a fun platformer that invites the player to play the role of a sphere that needs to get to the finish line. Of course, everything is not so simple, on the way the player will encounter obstacles and various traps that he will need to overcome. In this he will be helped by a good reaction, and sometimes amplifiers in the form of shields, which give temporary invulnerability from collisions with obstacles. Departure for the path the player is driving will also lead to a restart, so keep an eye on both. And the difficulty of the levels increases as you progress, so I wish you good luck with the game!
150 Jet Pack Stick
Jet Pack Stick Download Free!

Jet Pack Stick

An exciting game about the world famous Stickman. You have to dodge the burning lasers, collect coins and, if necessary, replenish the supply of hearts. Over time, the speed increases, so do not dare to relax, because hearts are not endless. The controls are as simple as possible: by clicking on the screen, our hero takes off. Good luck!