1250 Desert Village
Desert Village Download Free!

Desert Village

Deserted village reminded of an old movie. Abandoned houses and old cars. Deserted streets frightened only by their appearance. Suddenly, howling from behind the house made her hair stand on end. It turns out there is someone alive here. Is it only alive?
1251 Tetris Calm
Tetris Calm Download Free!

Tetris Calm

The essence of the game in Tetris is that random figures (each of which consists strictly of 4 segments) fall from top to bottom on the field. During the flight of each figure, the player can rotate it around its axis and move it left and right horizontally, choosing the place where it should fall. When a line is filled horizontally it disappears. Points are awarded for each line that disappears. The speed of falling of each subsequent figure increases with the new level. The game ends when the new figure can no longer fit into the field parameters and then the total points scored for the game are calculated.
1252 Slime Former
Slime Former Download Free!

Slime Former

SlimeFormer is an addicting platform game. You have to play as a slug who needs to avoid saws, thorns, and maniacs. Jump, dodge, run away - it's all about SlimeFormer.
1253 Mercery
Mercery Download Free!


Mercery is an addicting platform game. You are in a mysterious dungeon full of evil monsters. You can meet thorns, saws, slugs, bats! Not everyone will survive this dungeon!
1254 Where Is The Exit
Where Is The Exit Download Free!

Where Is The Exit

Where Is The Exit - An addicting game. You have to go through all the levels of a difficult maze and find a way out. Don't touch the borders or you will die, collect acceleration that will increase your speed. All this in the game Where Is The Exit!
1255 Minestar
Minestar Download Free!


Interstellar travel is very time consuming. In order for a person to endure such a long flight, he is immersed in sleep. As part of a research group, you are sent to a distant star. But halfway through, you are awake. Most of the crew were killed, and on board the ship, it is not clear where the crowds of hostile xenomorphs appeared. You need to destroy all monsters and save the remaining crew members.
1256 Bloodload
Bloodload Download Free!


Traveling between the worlds you find yourself in a small Viking town. The city turned out to be empty and you could not understand where all the inhabitants had gone. You need to replenish your water and food supplies. As soon as the sun set, crowds of the dead climbed to the surface. It turns out this world is completely dead, it was destroyed by an ancient curse that turns people after death into zombies.
1257 Abandoned Galaxy
Abandoned Galaxy Download Free!

Abandoned Galaxy

The entire galaxy is ablaze. For almost a century, mankind has been at war with a formidable enemy. Never before have people encountered such creatures. As part of an airborne group, you ended up on an enemy command center. It is guarded by incomprehensible creatures in which enemies turn prisoners. To change the course of the war, you need to destroy the command center and enemies around.
1258 Gun West
Gun West Download Free!

Gun West

Test your reaction in this game. If you can do it, you're a real cowboy from the Wild West. Good luck, friend!
1259 Ruster
Ruster Download Free!


Ruster is a game about a weirdo stuck in a forest. To complete the game, you have to get out of the forest with dangerous traps and slugs. Not everyone will go through this dangerous path and survive!
1260 Block Run
Block Run Download Free!

Block Run

Block Run is a game where you have to dodge flying blocks. You need to hold out as long as possible. You have unlimited attempts. Not everyone will survive!
1261 Maniac Path 2
Maniac Path 2 Download Free!

Maniac Path 2

Maniac Path 2-this is the continuation of a crazy game about a maniac who has to kill a lot of his victims. To the already existing Arsenal such as a knife, shotgun, machine gun, added a cutter and a rifle, which you will do your dirty deeds. Run, kill, run. Defeat the Bosses in order to avoid punishment! In a peaceful city where peace and serenity rule, a maniac escapes to freedom. You have to go through the path of a brutal killer who, driven by instinct, roams the streets in search of victims. You will be confronted by police armed not only with batons. Can you handle the dark mission? Your task changes frequently, but the main goals are to run away and kill!
1262 Rusty Town 2
Rusty Town 2 Download Free!

Rusty Town 2

Evening came. The rusty dust turned almost red. The monsters have become almost invisible in this dust. Grab your weapon quickly and look for cover. Now you need to use even more forces to survive in this world.
1263 Mandarin Clicker 2
Mandarin Clicker 2 Download Free!

Mandarin Clicker 2

Mandarin Clicker 2 - is a sequel to the clicker about the mandarin business. You got the business from your uncle and you have to develop it. Buy shops, hire assemblers and improve your skills. The game has improved elements from the first part. Download now and dive into business!
1264 Red Fog
Red Fog Download Free!

Red Fog

The explosion of the chemical plant occurred early in the morning. The wind brought a red mist, and it descended on the village. Severe burns and blisters were generated when the mist hit the skin. Now people, trapped in the fog without protective suits, began to run around the village and kill everyone. Destroy them or run away and wait for help.
1265 Colorful Puzzle
Colorful Puzzle Download Free!

Colorful Puzzle

An incredibly interesting puzzle game with colorful cubes. Your task is to move the cubes so that the pink (main cube) hit a hole in the middle of the game arena. The game is incredibly engaging. Many modes and many mechanics. The best time killer!
1266 Destroy Egg Clicker
Destroy Egg Clicker Download Free!

Destroy Egg Clicker

DestroyEggClicker - is an egg clicker, you can get $ by clicks on a diamond, to get $ by clicks on a diamond, to get $ and to damage an egg. Well, what is inside the egg you will only know when you break it. Good luck!
1267 Sinister City
Sinister City Download Free!

Sinister City

The fall of the comet raised a lot of dust into the air. The sun was not visible for over a year. The surviving people hid in basements and the subway. Now the dust has settled and you can get out. Only zombies now inhabit abandoned cities.
1268 Sinister Night
Sinister Night Download Free!

Sinister Night

Night fell with the fall of a large meteorite on Earth. An unknown virus infected people. People started to get sick and die. The developed vaccine strengthened the immune system so that it turned people into zombies. Now zombies rule the world. Only a few percent of people were helped by the vaccine. Now the main problem is Zombies.
1269 Battlewarrior
Battlewarrior Download Free!


After unsuccessfully moving between worlds, you fell into the clutches of slavers. You were bought as a gladiator. Now you have to fight monsters in the arena. Hold out as long as possible and overcome all the waves of enemies in order to earn freedom and return home.
1270 Forbidden Depth
Forbidden Depth Download Free!

Forbidden Depth

The cursed ruins of an ancient city are on your way. Upon entering this place, you understand that fear and ancient evil are blowing from everywhere. As soon as the sun went down below the horizon, the city was transformed. Eerie huge monsters began to rise from the depths. You need to keep your distance as long as possible and not let them approach you, otherwise death will overtake you. You have to live until dawn at any cost.
1271 Wasteland Terror 2
Wasteland Terror 2 Download Free!

Wasteland Terror 2

The night was dark. Making my way through the trees, I saw the rooftops of houses in the distance. Approaching the village, I heard a strange noise. Suddenly a figure of a man appeared in the light of the moon. It was a zombie.
LABIR HORROR Download Free!


Carefully screamers !!! Management: wasd. Shoot: right mouse button. Interact: E. Have a good fright, oh passing !!!
1273 Sustainable Balance 3D
Sustainable Balance 3D Download Free!

Sustainable Balance 3D

Balance 3D game consists of 10 levels so far. In the future, the number of levels will increase, but you will need to go through only 10 that the game will randomly provide. For each completed level you will receive an additional life. When you start the game, you have only 3 lives. This part is based on the levels from the first and second parts. There are also new levels. The levels in the game are easy, medium and hard. In the game you have to not only keep the balance, but in case of a mistake you will have to sacrifice your life to beat the level. If the game seems difficult to you, try its mobile solution for android.
1274 Apo Car Road
Apo Car Road Download Free!

Apo Car Road

ApoCar Road is a survival road full of evil zombies and all kinds of obstacles. Your car is going to its goal, shoot everything in its path to clear the road. Train your reflexes and calculate your way ahead, the only way you can achieve the best results in this dynamic game!
1275 Tanks Gun Battle
Tanks Gun Battle Download Free!

Tanks Gun Battle

Tanks Gun Battle is a top-down shooter. In this game you have to fight a huge amount of enemy vehicles. Several types of tanks, each with its own characteristics. Fight the enemy and hold out as long as possible, set records and don't let your tank be destroyed!
1276 Baikonur Space
Baikonur Space Download Free!

Baikonur Space

Feel like an astronaut. On your rocket, you can fly into deep space to meet new sensations. But to do this, you will need to improve your spacecraft and spend a lot of training. So try to collect as much fuel as possible. It will be used to access drawings for improving the rocket. Use them in the extended menu to improve the characteristics of the rocket: fuel tank capacity, speed increase, weight and maneuverability. This will make your rocket the most powerful and fastest. Go to the stars!)
1277 Story Some Pirate
Story Some Pirate Download Free!

Story Some Pirate

StorySomePirate is a quest game. This game will show you the story of one pirate. Fate showed him from the very beginning, but he held on. Our hero was born into a family of slaves and worked all his life. Suddenly he decided to steal a crumb of food, but he was immediately caught and put in a cage .... And at each level you will need to help our hero in different situations and he will become a real pirate, but what happened then ??? History is silent ... I wish you good luck !!!!
1278 Band City Dast Attack
Band City Dast Attack Download Free!

Band City Dast Attack

The city was attacked by mutant zombies. There are a lot of them and they are dangerous. Crowds of monsters roam around. You must defeat them and protect the city. Good luck!
1279 Book Of Shadows
Book Of Shadows Download Free!

Book Of Shadows

Dive into a world of adventure and mystery with Book of Shadows. The story will tell you about a dark wizard who hunted for the book of Shadows all his life and one day accidentally finds out where it is stored. The book is hidden deep in the library and is inaccessible to the dark forces. Then the dark wizard decides to trick you into bringing him the book. What will come of this? This is what you have to find out. You have to take on the role of an ordinary citizen. Explore various locations of the city, solve complex puzzles to advance in your mission. Help the locals solve their problems, find the mysterious book and decide what to do with it.
1280 Monstershot
Monstershot Download Free!


Explore the ancient magic tower, you go to the next floor of this endless tower. But it turns out it was a trap for curious treasure seekers. You were locked on this floor along with the monsters. Crowds of huge monsters poured into the room. Now you need to fight off all the monsters and get out.
1281 Macabre Survival
Macabre Survival Download Free!

Macabre Survival

You are the last person on earth. Crowds of the living dead are everywhere. Now you need to fight for a place in the sun and defend your right to live in this hostile world. Killing zombies is not easy, but you have a large arsenal of weapons and ammunition with you. Be careful after death zombies explode.
1282 Sinister Zombies 2
Sinister Zombies 2 Download Free!

Sinister Zombies 2

A red dawn appeared. The zombies, sensing the approach of the day, became angrier. Suddenly, two zombies found themselves near me. I ran out of ammunition and grabbed the mace, with one blow, cut the head of the first one and split the shoulder of the second zombie. Now you need even more strength to survive.
1283 Bit Adventure
Bit Adventure Download Free!

Bit Adventure

Bit adventure-created by indie Studio Lord Game LLC, and is a casual arcade game. The game boasts Multiplatforms, it works both in the browser and on all operating systems. There is both a single game, and a game with friends via the keyboard, or gamepads. Bit adventure is a multi-player, casual game that presents adventures in mountainous areas, and presents an interesting level design. Adventure and platformer lovers will love this game.
1284 Against Stars
Against Stars Download Free!

Against Stars

Hello! This is the one of the hardest games in the world! Can you climb to first place?
1285 ClicknFall
ClicknFall Download Free!


ClicknFall is a game in which your goal is to collect coins while your ball is falling. It sounds easy, but in reality it is quite difficult to collect them all. Controlling just one button-LMB or two-A and D. Check your reaction in this game and make sure you don't have it. Good luck!
1286 Sneaky Enemy
Sneaky Enemy Download Free!

Sneaky Enemy

The destroyed city only at first seemed empty. Many mercenaries, just like you, decided to look for the abandoned here. Now this place has turned out to be a trap. No exit. Kill as many mercenaries as possible and get out of the city.
1287 Sinister Zombies
Sinister Zombies Download Free!

Sinister Zombies

The ruined city frightened with its sounds. Suddenly the sounds turned into a terrible zombie. And he's not alone here. Zombies prowl among ruins and old cars in search of food. And this food is you.
1288 Girl Blonde
Girl Blonde Download Free!

Girl Blonde

Girl Blonde is a nice 3D platformer with a side view. In it, you will have to play as a blonde girl and collect fruits, vegetables and other sweets! To complete a level, you need to collect a certain number of items, but this is not easy to do, because you will be hindered by obstacles.
1289 Gift
Gift Download Free!


You will find yourself in the shoes of the Sheriff. You need to help your old friend deal with the bandits. They came to collect a family heirloom. Check every corner. In your Arsenal, not only a revolver, but also throwing knives and even dynamite.
1290 Nazi House
Nazi House Download Free!

Nazi House

You, a brave soldier who must single-handedly recapture the house captured by the Germans. This house is one of the most important strategic places. Carefully look out from behind corners, enemies are everywhere. Look around every corner, you will find something valuable in them. In your Arsenal, the legendary Thompson and the trusty blade.
1291 Crippi
Crippi Download Free!


Management: Arrows! There are screamers! There is a puzzle, so do not be alarmed that you are at a dead end, the game is passable. And go to the end!
1292 Zombie Arena
Zombie Arena Download Free!

Zombie Arena

Zombie Arena - is a fast-paced, old-school shooter where you enter an arena filled with zombies. There are many types of weapons scattered throughout the arena, test them all, destroying various undead in various ways. Take advantage of the fact that the zombies are gathering in a heap, lure them to the red barrel and blow them up.
1293 Fly UP
Fly UP Download Free!

Fly UP

FlyUP - this is a game where you have to jump in order to pass the pipes, also in this game there is beautiful music that will not let you get bored while you play. Good luck and great records! Controls: space button
1294 Ping Pong Gravity
Ping Pong Gravity Download Free!

Ping Pong Gravity

Can you resist gravity ?! Ping Pong Gravity is a simple game. In which you want to play anytime and anywhere. In this game, you just bounce the ball. Sounds simple? Well then try it!
1295 Cult
Cult Download Free!


The sister of the protagonist is stolen by a secret order worshiping demons in order to perform an ancient ritual with her help, but her brother is in a hurry to help her sister. Can you prevent all this from happening and survive in the forest where no one can survive? And he will also achieve the main achievement in the game.
1296 Candy Factory
Candy Factory Download Free!

Candy Factory

The main stage in the game "Candy Factory" is the confectionery production line. A monster who loves sweets has jumped onto the conveyor. But not everything is so simple, because some products were spoiled. The monster moves along the conveyor belt, eating everything in its path, but can you tell him at the right time that the sweetness needs to be jumped over, since it is spoiled?
1297 Russian Car Archive
Russian Car Archive Download Free!

Russian Car Archive

We offer you a puzzle game. The meaning of the game is to create a mosaic pattern that needs to be put together from a variety of fragments of various shapes. Psychologists say that the best way to get rid of fears in real life is to experience them in a game. In addition, this hobby making puzzles-has a lot of advantages: it develops logical thinking, attention, memory, imagination. Our game will please you with nice graphics, easy mouse control, interesting gameplay. Light music will relieve unnecessary tension during the game. Availability in two languages will increase interest in the game. Get acquainted with our game-spend time with interest and profit!
1298 I Am Not Your Food
I Am Not Your Food Download Free!

I Am Not Your Food

I am not your food is an unusual arcade game. At first, everything seems easy: slow enemies and a small number of them. But further on, there are more and more scientists who want to get a delicious donut. Will you be able to cope with such crowds of opponents?
1299 Final Threat
Final Threat Download Free!

Final Threat

The small town was attacked by monsters and killed all the inhabitants. Your squad is sent to liberate the city. As it turned out, there are many monsters in the city and it will take a lot of time and fighters to free it. You just need to hold out for a little while until the regular army comes to the city.
1300 Tenshi Impossible Adventure
Tenshi Impossible Adventure Download Free!

Tenshi Impossible Adventure

Tenshi and His Impossible Adventure is a hardcore platformer. Dive into adventure with Tenshi. Use skills and complete levels that are beyond the realm of possibility. Many hard levels that will keep you entertained for hours!