50 Abyss Jumper
Abyss Jumper Download Free!

Abyss Jumper

Abyss Jumper is a simple arcade platformer in which you play as a Marshmallow Miner. Your task is to collect coins and dodge traps using the [A] and [D] buttons or arrows. Remember, the more score you have, the faster the game progresses. If you lose, you will have a "Temporary" record. Earning over 4000 points won't be easy, good luck!
51 Rocket Fly
Rocket Fly Download Free!

Rocket Fly

In this game you have to control a rocket. You can control the thrust and rotation of the rocket. Avoid obstacles and land on the landing platform.
52 Crypto Currency
Crypto Currency Download Free!

Crypto Currency

Cryptocurrency. Create your own Bitcoin is a clicker game in which you have to create your own cryptocurrency. During the game, you will have to improve your cryptocurrency with the money you earn to increase your income.Hackers can rob you at any time! To prevent this from happening, it is worth improving the protection.Also in the game there are competitors that you have to buy out and become even richer! But they also do not stand still and become more expensive. Your goal is to buy out all the competitors! The game has a short training in Russian and English. Good luck!
53 Ultimate Puzzles Dogs
Ultimate Puzzles Dogs Download Free!

Ultimate Puzzles Dogs

Ultimate Puzzles Dogs is a new collection of puzzles dedicated to different dogs. Choose your pet and fold it forward. Each puzzle is 4x4 in size, but this is complicated by the fact that the puzzles must be rotated in the right direction.
54 Zombies Attack
Zombies Attack Download Free!

Zombies Attack

ZombieAttack is a 2D adventure game in which the player must shoot zombies to survive in their world. Help the warriors to cope with the zombies in this zombie world. There is only one rule: "Kill, or they will kill you." Kill as many zombies as possible. Help the hero to repel the attack of zombies and prevent their spread. Hurry up to destroy the zombies.
55 Seconds To Death
Seconds To Death Download Free!

Seconds To Death

In the game you have to save lives by playing with the hands of a resuscitator in a hospital. In order to save a person, you will have to try: The left hand is controlled on WASD. Right on ARROWS. In order to make a blow with a defibrillator, you need to simultaneously press RShift and LShift. Only it must be done in special places, otherwise it will not work, and the patient will get worse. The game involves playing in two with only one keyboard, but it can also be played alone. Just save the person before his TIME is up.
56 Off Light
Off Light Download Free!

Off Light

A long time ago, on a distant planet, as a result of an accident... In general, the sun exploded. In the darkness, terrifying disgusting creatures crawled out of the ground. Due to the fact that it was dark, no one saw them, but this does not negate their terrifying disgust. The only way to escape and get to the shelter is to stay in the light. LBM - selection and movement of the light source.
57 Sphere
Sphere Download Free!


In this game you have to control the sphere. You need to roll the sphere to the finish line avoiding obstacles. You mustn't fall down. The game has over 30 levels with nice graphics.
58 Spring Stick
Spring Stick Download Free!

Spring Stick

You need to control a stick that can bounce. You need to turn the wand correctly to jump in the right direction. Jump onto the green platform to win. The game has several levels. Good luck!
59 Ultimate Puzzles Cats
Ultimate Puzzles Cats Download Free!

Ultimate Puzzles Cats

Ultimate Puzzles Cats is a new collection of jigsaw puzzles dedicated to different cats. Choose your pet and fold it forward. Each puzzle is 4x4 in size, but this is complicated by the fact that the puzzles must be rotated in the right direction.
60 Culibok
Culibok Download Free!


Culibok is a 2D top-down shooter. The main character in this game is a kolobok, the same kolobok from the Russian folk tale of the same name. In this game you have to fight off zombie trees and ghosts. Also in the game there are as many as 2 bosses and 2 locations. This shooter is quite dynamic and complex, you will have to load the save more than once.
61 Power Of Jump
Power Of Jump Download Free!

Power Of Jump

power of jump is an addicting platform game. In the game, you can see different locations, from the forest to the desert. Go to the end to find out how smart you are. At the end, you will be able to see your stats. Compete with your friends who will complete the game in fewer attempts!
62 Magic Balls
Magic Balls Download Free!

Magic Balls

Tired of the everyday hustle and bustle? Need a brain workout? Tired of the same type of Bubble Shooter games? Then we dare to suggest that you play Magic Balls, because this is not only a relaxing puzzle improved by various unique gameplay mechanics, but also an excellent game for developing the speed of thinking for both adults and children! Magic Balls is a puzzle of the Bubble Shooter genre that will once and for all change your idea of the games of this genre with novelties in the gameplay: various bonuses, balls changing in color and several attempts to overcome the level!
63 Super Mega Space Cube Run
Super Mega Space Cube Run Download Free!

Super Mega Space Cube Run

This beautiful Runner game takes us into deep space. The gameplay is simple and straightforward, you need to get to the finish line without colliding with obstacles and not falling off the track. It seems simple, but in reality everything is a little more complicated. The further you go, the more difficult it becomes to dodge obstacles. Interesting levels and beautiful graphics will guarantee you that the time spent playing this game will not be wasted.
64 Anonimous Clicker
Anonimous Clicker Download Free!

Anonimous Clicker

Open the store - LMB, close - RMB. The game is arcade. In the game, you have to click on the mask to earn in-game currency. For them you can buy anon's assistants. In addition to buying them, you can upgrade them for the same currency. Can you collect all the announcements?
65 Sandboxand Jack
Sandboxand Jack Download Free!

Sandboxand Jack

In the game, the main character has to survive on the island in harsh conditions. While traveling, you can get resources and build a protected shelter, for every taste of the player. When traveling, the hero will be helped by the found transport or flying platform, but we must remember about gasoline, it does not last forever. Do not relax, zombies are very quiet, especially at night. The game can be run even on undemanding PCs.
66 ASCM Alien Space Mission
ASCM Alien Space Mission Download Free!

ASCM Alien Space Mission

The ASCM game is a shooter with an unlimited number of levels and the possibility of pumping. The game has an exciting level with the killing of the boss, which will make even an avid gamer tense up. The gameplay is accompanied by light graphics and pleasant sounds. The control is standard and will not make you feel uncomfortable.
67 Ex Cube
Ex Cube Download Free!

Ex Cube

ExCube is a high-speed time killer where you need to hold out as long as possible, shooting back from crowds of opponents. How long will you last in the arena? WASD and mouse control. Left mouse button - take a shot.
68 Defence Of The Fortress
Defence Of The Fortress Download Free!

Defence Of The Fortress

Have some free time? Play Defense Of The Fortress! In this game you have to defend the fortress from the attacking guards. Keep in mind that every minute there are more and more enemies! Try to hold out as long as possible and set new records! Have a good game!
69 Anonimous Stars
Anonimous Stars Download Free!

Anonimous Stars

This game is based on a new trend of 2021 called AnonimouseEgg. In the game, you have to fight for the Anons against the Snacks, who want to steal all the snacks of the world. At the end of the round, you will receive tokens. For them, you can buy anonymous eggs, in which both snacks, which are the game currency, and new announcements can be caught. Get all the announcements and save the world from the dark snacks!
70 The Defender
The Defender Download Free!

The Defender

The space of the game will allow you to immerse yourself in real battles of the near future, deployed on several thematic maps. A variety of weapons and dynamic gameplay will not leave you indifferent to the game world of The Defender. Demonstrate your superiority and combat skills to dominate the battlefield. Choose your own style of play and winning strategy. You have to protect the honor of your squad and defeat the enemy on its territory. Good luck in the vast military battles of The Defender.
71 Ultimate Puzzles Marine Life 2
Ultimate Puzzles Marine Life 2 Download Free!

Ultimate Puzzles Marine Life 2

Ultimate Puzzles Marine Life 2 is a sequel to the collection of jigsaw puzzles dedicated to marine life. Now with improved artwork, more puzzles and a 16: 9 aspect ratio. Each puzzle is 4x4 in size, but this is complicated by the fact that the puzzles must be rotated in the right direction.
72 Woodtrail
Woodtrail Download Free!


You've gone off the road, and you'll have to figure out what's going on. A tense atmosphere. Stylization for the pixel style. An intriguing plot. An equally intriguing denouement.
73 Assault Of Dead
Assault Of Dead Download Free!

Assault Of Dead

A little over a year ago, in a secret laboratory, a deadly virus escaped from an underground bunker, quickly sweeping the entire planet and turning people into terrible bloodthirsty zombies. Dangerous and fast, cunning and strong monsters are not afraid of pain, death and have one goal: to kill. Kill all living things in your path. The surviving people hid underground and try to survive. Only the virus has penetrated here as well. It will not be possible to hide now. It is necessary to destroy the spread of the infection.
74 Fear Field
Fear Field Download Free!

Fear Field

You come to another hard working day... ready to set up scarecrows... but you can't get rid of the feeling that something is watching you... from the depths of the fields. The darkness is following you on your heels. Get to the truth. A tense atmosphere. An intriguing story.
75 Apocalypse
Apocalypse Download Free!


1983, the apocalypse began, only a couple of thousand people were not infected. Escape the city to escape the zombies. But also beware of small monsters. Look for clues, learn the stories of past survivors. Good luck!
76 Fear Lift
Fear Lift Download Free!

Fear Lift

This is your last night shift as a loader operator at the Phoenix Logistics warehouse. When you start your shift, you realize that something is very... very strange. Something is watching you from behind the shelves. A frightening atmosphere. A tense soundtrack.
77 Ultimate Puzzles Countries 2
Ultimate Puzzles Countries 2 Download Free!

Ultimate Puzzles Countries 2

Ultimate Puzzles Countries 2 is a continuation of puzzle collections about different countries and cities, but now with improved design, more countries and a 16: 9 aspect ratio. Each puzzle is 4x4 in size, but this is complicated by the fact that the puzzles must be rotated in the right direction.
78 Animals Clicker
Animals Clicker Download Free!

Animals Clicker

Click on the emerald and get money. Buy new tools and click even harder. Buy animals will make money for you. Animals will appear on special platforms and you can look at them. Become the master of animals!
79 Purgatory Prison
Purgatory Prison Download Free!

Purgatory Prison

The prison of Purgatory is the idea of purgatory as a prison for men, and as such a Warden must be present. Will you escape from the prison of Purgatory or will you be caught by the Warden, and you will suffer a fate worse than just purgatory. An oppressive atmosphere. Intense gameplay. Can you reach the end?
80 Hoples
Hoples Download Free!


Hoples is a time-limited 2D hardcore precision platformer. This is a pretty difficult game that will make you sweat and nervous. What is the difficulty of this game? And the difficulty is that you do not have a lot of time, not a little 40 seconds, during this time you have to get to the cup, which is at the very top of the map. Everything seems to be simple, but do not rush to rejoice, as on the way to the cup you will be awaited by treacherous traps that you need to run according to timing, jump on walls and much more!
81 Chechen Bird
Chechen Bird Download Free!

Chechen Bird

ChechenBird - A game in which you need to jump at the right moment in order not to lose and go through obstacles. To many, this game may resemble a long-standing sensational game with the same mechanics, and I tried to recreate this game with some differences, different skins (flags), and completely drawn graphics by me. This game is the very first full-fledged game that I have created since learning to program, I hope you will appreciate it! Thanks to everyone who downloaded, enjoy the game! Control: Left mouse button - jumps.
82 Ultimate Puzzles Animals 5
Ultimate Puzzles Animals 5 Download Free!

Ultimate Puzzles Animals 5

Ultimate Puzzles Animals 5 is a sequel to the animal jigsaw puzzles, but now with improved design and an aspect ratio of 16: 9. Choose the animal you like and put it forward. Each puzzle is 4x4 in size, but this is complicated by the fact that the puzzles must be rotated in the right direction.
83 Food For Pigs
Food For Pigs Download Free!

Food For Pigs

You play as a farmer who has to feed the pigs. But not everything is as simple as it seems. This is the first horror simulator of feeding pigs. The atmosphere is tense and frightening. "A GOOD FARMER ALWAYS FEEDS HIS PIGS."
84 Introduction
Introduction Download Free!


The player will need to sequentially open 12 chests with knowledge of physics and then pass the test (you can try to pass the test without opening the chests). This is given 20 minutes of time and 100 pieces of cartridges. The chests are under the cubes. The cubes are guarded by fire breathing dragons. We must shoot the dragon. In this case, the distance of the action of the shot coincides with the distance of the action of the dragon's flame. After that, you will need to hit the center of the target on the cube. The cube will explode and release the knowledge chest. When the character approaches the chest, he will open and release the knowledge stored in it. Twice per game (at the 4th and 8th chests), it will be possible to replenish the number of cartridges by 20 pieces. Once between the 6th and 7th chests, it will be possible to replenish the character's life by 50%. After opening the 12th chest, it will be possible to pass a screening test on the knowledge gained. The test contains 12 questions with 4 possible answers to them. If the answer is correct, the corresponding signal is given, if the answer is incorrect, one life burns out (there are five of them in total). If the quiz is successfully completed, the picture "Winner" opens, when all 5 lives are burned up, the picture "Loser" opens. The game is made in 6 languages: English, Russian, Spanish, French, Chinese and Ukrainian.
85 The Soul Harvester
The Soul Harvester Download Free!

The Soul Harvester

Walking alone in the park at midnight after the party is over, you try to go home, but then you discover that something is wrong. Instead of the place that you remembered, it became something else. Walking simulator is about a Soul Collector who absorbs people's souls. Intense horror. An interesting story.
PARKOUR GAME Download Free!


Have nothing to do? Want to have fun? Then this game is for you! Go through exciting levels of different difficulty. Have fun with the orange mouse!
87 Badforest
Badforest Download Free!


Will run on any PC! Badforest - This is an awesome game, amazing graphics and an enjoyable game! Win all levels and don't lose. Can you complete all the levels? Enjoy this amazing game.
88 Rolling Danger
Rolling Danger Download Free!

Rolling Danger

Roll the ball to the final destination! Check if there are no enemies! They can shoot you or lock you up somewhere! Play and win! In the spirit of the legendary classic platformers.
89 The Bad Snowfall
The Bad Snowfall Download Free!

The Bad Snowfall

While skating, you notice that you forgot your hat at home. Suddenly it began to snow. Well, you will have to run away from him, so that later your mother does not scold you. Use the arrows on your keyboard to dodge the snowflakes!
90 The Owl
The Owl Download Free!

The Owl

The Owl is a game in the style of Flappy Bird but in 3D. Excellent sound design, as well as graphics and addictive gameplay will keep you engaged for a long time. Get to the portal to survive and get to another world. Be careful because there are traps on every path!
91 Colour Quests
Colour Quests Download Free!

Colour Quests

A catastrophe has broken out! The villain stole all the colors from the world, leaving everything in black and white. It's up to you to become a real hero and save the world by restoring each of the colors! A fascinating adventure. An intriguing plot. Graphics in the style of your favorite childhood games.
92 Ultimate Puzzles Cars Collection
Ultimate Puzzles Cars Collection Download Free!

Ultimate Puzzles Cars Collection

Ultimate Puzzles Cars Collection is the second part of a new series of puzzles that combines several previously released collections. This collection combines Ultimate Puzzles Cars and Ultimate Puzzles Cars 2, but now with improved design, with an aspect ratio of 16: 9 and smaller. Choose a car and fold it forward. Each puzzle is 4x4 in size, but this is complicated by the fact that the puzzles must be rotated in the right direction.
93 Sweety Hity
Sweety Hity Download Free!

Sweety Hity

In the colorful project Sweety Hity, you will throw candy canes at the sweets that swirl in the center of the screen. This will have to be done before there is not a single free space on them. Go through interesting and quite beautiful levels. You will constantly have a lot of delicious lollipops, and the speed will become just insane. Train your abilities, improve all abilities, expand your manual dexterity, your reaction, and much more. Go through interesting levels, set incredible records to collect enough stars. Nice graphics, many interesting features, entertaining levels and endless adventure for every player.
94 Stick Hero 3D
Stick Hero 3D Download Free!

Stick Hero 3D

You have nothing to keep yourself busy with? Try Stick Hero 3D game! The bottom line is simple - make your way and cross to the new towers. Don't forget to collect cherries. Compete with your friends for the highest score score or collect more cherries. But do not think that everything is so simple - all towers are different in size and appear always at different distances from the player. Good luck!
95 The Escape
The Escape Download Free!

The Escape

The development of a new biological weapon has failed. The virus got out of control and spread throughout the military base. You are the only survivor in this hell and your main task is to get out of the base alive.
96 Knife Demon
Knife Demon Download Free!

Knife Demon

You was sent to the Earth to make first step towards conquering the human world. Your mission will be to make your way to the president and kill him, so the Hell could get more power and transfer more powerfull demons into human world. But it won't be easy. You'll die if someone shoot you just once, and all you can do is throw knives. If you are ready to accept this challange, then download Knife Demon for free right now!
97 God Gift
God Gift Download Free!

God Gift

You are a radish farmer in a tiny garden bed. Nothing is as valuable to you as the totem to which you give the radish. But ugly crows don't like totems. Protect him and defend the totem on a small piece of land! Management: WASD - movement SPACE - blow.
98 Falcon Warrior 3
Falcon Warrior 3 Download Free!

Falcon Warrior 3

Falcon Warrior 3 is the third installment of the fast-paced arena shooter! This time the action takes place in a post-apocalyptic city, everywhere there is devastation and endless waves of new monsters and flying creatures, and how long can you hold out? The game features epic music that will definitely not leave you indifferent and will not let you get bored!
99 Cube Squareventure
Cube Squareventure Download Free!

Cube Squareventure

Cube Squareventure - this arcade game is made by russian, collect points and beat your own records. good luck with your game!
100 Frog
Frog Download Free!


You play as a frog trying to get to the goblet. The game consists of five DIFFICULT levels, which will validate your ability to complete such platformers. Try not to quit this game before you finish. This game is possible to pass, you just need to try. Good luck!