3600 Logic Puzzle
Logic Puzzle Download Free!

Logic Puzzle

In this game you need to drag buttons with pieces of the picture. You need to move them so as to assemble the picture. To move a button, simply click on it with the mouse.
3601 Celsius
Celsius Download Free!


The action of the game Celsius takes place in a distant galaxy. The player is assigned the role of a pilot of one of the warring parties. You will take part in a series of air conflicts. You are waiting for dangerous sorties, the task of surviving and knocking out as many detractors as possible.
3602 Guess Picture Word 2
Guess Picture Word 2 Download Free!

Guess Picture Word 2

Since childhood, we all love to solve riddles, participate in quizzes. This is especially interesting when the quiz has a colorful design. This game should not pass by. It is in it that you are waiting for 100 riddles. 100 pictures of different subjects are waiting for you to guess them. In all games there are clues, but there are no clues in this clue, which will give you a sharp nerve in passing and solving pictures. The game has a bright, colorful interface, four possible answers for each picture. It is necessary to guess the correct answer, after which a new picture will open. The game is waiting for you in the pictures of animals, insects, famous people, shots from movies and cartoons, various interior and household items, transport, countries, art, literature, and much more. You need to play, slowly and very carefully, you can play around to turn off your brain for a while and accidentally clicking on the wrong version will result in the initial passing of the game. The game can be compared to the mine clearance of a time bomb. The further you go through the game, the more difficult the pictures will be. But if you have the Internet at hand, then you will not find anything difficult in passing the game. Among the answer options will be forgotten Russian words that no one uses, but the Internet to help. The game is very informative, passing it, you will remember the meaning of words, the description of pictures, you will become smarter. Your creative and mental potential will grow. The game is designed for any age, even if the child does not know how to read, he will be able to reach the finish using the popular clique. The child will visually memorize the pictures and understand that it actually exists. The game is absolutely free. In many games there is an opportunity to spend real money on additional bonuses, features. There is no such thing in our game, everything is free. Age limit game for everyone. You can play at home, alone or with your family, at the cottage, on a trip, on an airplane, on a ship. Yes, even in space or under water, the main thing is to work your mobile device. This is the second part of the game, if for some reason you have not played the first part, then you are welcome to Google play. There through the search box you can find all the parts of this exciting game. There are simply no analogues of this game with four variants of words. Therefore, you just have to install this application and enjoy the free, bright moments. The game will take on your device 27 megabytes, because 100 pictures are made in good quality so as not to upset your eyes and make you happy.
3603 Strong Kills 2
Strong Kills 2 Download Free!

Strong Kills 2

Cities captured by aliens. You, with a couple of soldiers, were left to guard the retreat. Beat the alien waves. Look for weapons and ammunition in the city. Give as much time as possible to escape survivors.
3604 Easy Drawing
Easy Drawing Download Free!

Easy Drawing

Simple and convenient drawing app for the whole family. Large color palette, resizable tassels. Quick reset of the whole picture. Management is carried out using a computer mouse or stylus. You can use the application for entertainment or for work. Drawing for everyone!
3605 Worlds Escape
Worlds Escape Download Free!

Worlds Escape

Before you game in which you will need to travel to different worlds in search of his beloved girlfriend. The main character appears in the underwater world inhabited by dangerous monsters. He needs to go through many puzzles and puzzles in the underwater world to get into the underworld. In the underworld and the castle of the protagonist, there are also puzzles that will not let your brain and your attention rest. A variety of monsters, blood and corpses will keep you in suspense throughout the game. The game will appeal to fans of walkers, collecting items. Items can be put together to get the right tool. Collect keys, various tools, notes to go further game locations. here are mini-games in the game, such as a snake, where you need to collect ten apples, paintball, where you need to break bricks, tags, combination locks. You will have an inventory where you can store found items. To fight the monsters you will need to find the ammo for your gun and shoot at all the monsters. On the way there will be a lot of closed animals, which will need to be opened by the found keys or codes for locks. Even one door will need to be opened with a magnifying glass. Along the way, the worlds will be able to find notes, the paper in which will contain important information for the player. In the world of the castle around will be skeletons, both living and dead. Throughout the game you will need to collect four spheres. The sphere of water, the sphere of the earth, the sphere of energy and the sphere of fire. At the end of the game you will need to combine the four sphere into one, and for what you have to guess yourself. Also at the end of the game you will have a battle with the castle boss. Boss's name is Blushing, who created these worlds for sinful people. The reddening kidnapped your love, now the hour has come when it is necessary to destroy the reddening in the name of love. Your fate and the fate of your beloved girl depend on you. Having found the lair of the Blushing and destroying it for you, you will still need to find a way to open the camera in which your girlfriend will sit. The game will not only develop your logic and attentiveness, but also clearly demonstrate that love is the purest and strongest energy not only on planet Earth, but in all worlds. The developers have tried very hard to make the game capture you in a real adventure of mysteries and mysteries covered in darkness. So no need to think, download this application or not, you just need to install it and spend a little time on this beautiful art of creation. Musical accompaniment, interesting plot.
3606 Nitro Bit
Nitro Bit Download Free!

Nitro Bit

Prove that your nerves are strong! In this game you play as a cube, which craves dangers and tries to complete the most dangerous levels. You must help him realize his dream and feel these dangers on your own.
3607 Bloody Toon
Bloody Toon Download Free!

Bloody Toon

A little cartoon town needs a hero! No time to explain, otherwise everything will be lost. Destroy the aliens before they destroy you. At your disposal a full arsenal of weapons. Survive the strongest.
3608 Saw Escape
Saw Escape Download Free!

Saw Escape

Help the hero get out of the eerie basement, consisting of dark rooms filled with sinister objects. It is not known who locked the main character of this game in a gloomy basement. Whoever it was, he clearly did not plan anything good. Examine the damp underground premises. Be careful and do not miss anything important. Look for hidden objects and use them to solve logic puzzles. Try all ways to find the keys to locked doors that separate the hero from freedom.
3609 Pixel Dark
Pixel Dark Download Free!

Pixel Dark

Pixel Dark is a pretty scary 2D toy. In which, you play as a zombie apocalypse survivor! In order to survive in complete devastation and darkness you need to kill dark creatures. You can earn a gun case, it is good, which you will definitely come in handy, but if you lose the weapon will be lost. So be careful.
3610 Dungeon Of Dark Shadows 2
Dungeon Of Dark Shadows 2 Download Free!

Dungeon Of Dark Shadows 2

Dungeon of Dark Shadows 2 is an action game with RPG elements, various locations, a lot of monsters, and an exciting gameplay. Deep in the dungeons, an ancient dragon made his lair, evil sprawls around. Only a true hero will be able to defeat him, having passed many levels of underground labyrinths. Destroying enemies, the hero becomes stronger and more experienced to meet the enemy fully armed and destroy ancient evil!
PIXEL RPG Download Free!


This is a pixel game in the rpg genre. In this game you need to fight monsters and bosses! This game is made in the style of 8 bits. And you will definitely like it!
3612 Geek 2
Geek 2 Download Free!

Geek 2

Take the test programmer. Answer all information technology questions correctly. Prove to everyone that you are a smart and smart programmer! No options for error.
3613 Geek
Geek Download Free!


Analogue of the game "Who wants to be a millionaire." Prove to everyone that you are a real geek! Go through 15 interesting questions and become confident in your IT knowledge.
3614 Save Him
Save Him Download Free!

Save Him

In this game you will have to go for the player through numerous difficulties. You will need to jump over obstacles and dodge enemies who will go to great lengths to stop you. There are many levels here, try to reach the end. The further, the more difficult. Very simple controls and amazing gameplay. When losing, you still have the opportunity to reach the end.
3615 Wormags
Wormags Download Free!


Stop playing worms, it's time to replace them with robots! Robots lived and everything was good, until they were divided into two camps. Red robots rebelled against green robots. You will find many different destructible locations. Many different weapons. You have a certain amount of time to move, select a weapon, aim and open fire. This is a turn-based arcade style strategy game. Shoot at the enemies, throw grenades to the opponents, hit with robots, teleport to good positions. You can shoot from a grenade launcher and a pistol. Worms will not bring you as much pleasure as robots. Stop playing with worms. It's time to play robots. The worms want you to play the worms, but the time is different now. Robots are waiting and worms retired.
3616 Speed Racer 5
Speed Racer 5 Download Free!

Speed Racer 5

A new part in a series of games Speed Racer. In this part you will find even more cars and modes. If you like racing and speed, then this game is for you. High-quality free game for racing lovers. Swing! Install! We play!
3617 Tetris Game
Tetris Game Download Free!

Tetris Game

The new version of the game Tetris. You will return to the old days and play a modern Tetris game. Collect a large number of points and get to high levels. The higher the level, the harder the game.
3618 Under Fire
Under Fire Download Free!

Under Fire

The aliens from outer space attacked the earth again! You need all the forces to defend the position, otherwise everything will be in vain. Destroy the enemies and save humanity. At your disposal a full arsenal of weapons. Survive the strongest. Good luck!
3619 DOOMka
DOOMka Download Free!


For fans of the game Half and Gordon characters with blushing. You play as a young worker in an underground station. Your task is to follow the orders of the doctor. An ordinary day turned into a nightmare. Around began to climb monsters and kill everyone in their path. All hope is only on you. Only you can find out what happened at this underground station. The game is made in a terrible atmosphere and with black humor. Lovers of thrash and psychedelics will love this game. The game is similar to the quest with elements of action. In each location you need to fight or solve puzzles. It will be necessary to find ways to open the door, kill the monsters.
3620 Test Drive Kamaz
Test Drive Kamaz Download Free!

Test Drive Kamaz

Play the driving simulator of the legendary Kamaz truck! Feel the power of the tractor and go from a simple beginner to a professional driver. You need to deliver the goods to the most remote corners of Russia. Get behind the wheel of the legendary Kamaz right now!
3621 Prison Escape
Prison Escape Download Free!

Prison Escape

Help the main character make a daring jailbreak. At the beginning of the level you will be given tasks that must be performed first. Try to inspect the entire room at once, as useful and necessary things for escaping may lie in the most unusual places.
3622 Sailor Jump
Sailor Jump Download Free!

Sailor Jump

You are a sailor who has lost his ship, besides you are still a sailor who cannot swim, but can jump very well for that. This will have to deal with the game Sailor Jump. Sailor Jump - This is a 2D acrad with a side view, the task is to jump on platforms as long as possible and not fall into the water. Compete with your friends and set new records! The game is not as simple as it may seem at first glance, the main thing is not to hurry and accurately calculate the trajectory and force of the jump.
3623 Awesome Taxi
Awesome Taxi Download Free!

Awesome Taxi

Awesome Taxi - This is an arcade game in which the player assumes the role of a space taxi driver. The task is to deliver all customers safe and sound in the allotted time. Watch the timer, customers must be delivered on time, otherwise failure. Watch the fuel, it is important, otherwise, BOOM! Take a taxi carefully, on the way many obstacles and intricate levels, dodge asteroids and moving platforms.
3624 Minecraft Runner
Minecraft Runner Download Free!

Minecraft Runner

This is an exciting runner style game in which you need to jump in order not to run into obstacles on your way. The more you pass the more points you earn. Management: to jump press SPACE.
3625 Mystical Investigation
Mystical Investigation Download Free!

Mystical Investigation

You are a private detective who needs to solve a terrible, mysterious crime. Interview suspects and witnesses. Explore the gloomy locations of the house. Do not go crazy with scary ghosts. Solve puzzles. Examine the evidence and build a chain of crime. The gloomy atmosphere, music and ghosts will not allow you to calmly investigate. The game will appeal to lovers of scary games such as House of Fear, House of Horrors, 100 doors and others. Playing this game you will enjoy beautiful graphics, cute characters and scary ghosts.
3626 House Of Fear
House Of Fear Download Free!

House Of Fear

One of our friends got into trouble about what he told us in sms. We, as a faithful friend, hurried to his aid in an abandoned house, where, according to our information, it is located. Going into this, seemingly not a residential building, we found that everything there is not as dead as we would like. Each room has its own secret, there is a corpse in it, and someone else's head is a bit far away, in general, there is enough fear, but we need to go there and help our comrade. The overall picture of the game is very dark and it's quite difficult to see the object we need. Only by unscrewing the brightness to the maximum we will be able to notice all the beauty, and everything looks very good. Many textures inspire confidence and the game seems quite serious. Sounds deserve more attention, and they have quite a few important confidence. Just like in "Dead Spase", we hear footsteps behind our backs, shouts and calls for help. This is such a rather choreous adventure quest that is fascinating and frightening at the same time, but the sensations from the game itself are not lost.
3627 Taiga Car Driver
Taiga Car Driver Download Free!

Taiga Car Driver

Break into the taiga blizzard on the legendary KAMAZ truck. Feel the atmosphere of the harsh Russian winter. Set fires to resist cold. Take the most difficult job to get high rewards. Do not leave people alone with the merciless nature - come to the rescue and save them from this insidious trap. Be the first to go through all the climbing competitions, become the legendary driver of this harsh Russian Taiga, so charming with its beauty.
3628 Destroy Virus
Destroy Virus Download Free!

Destroy Virus

You are the doctor of the future. To combat viruses, pills and injections are no longer used. Now the doctor is simply reduced to the size of the virus, and weapons are issued into battle. From the speed of your work depends on the life of a person. Destroy viruses and save the body.
3629 House Hidden Object 2
House Hidden Object 2 Download Free!

House Hidden Object 2

Have you had time to enjoy the first part of the game house search for objects? If yes, then we are pleased to present to your attention, dear lovers of toys on android, the continuation of the game house - the search for objects. The game is based on the same principles as in the previous version. That is, you will need to find this or that thing. In each room you need to find different things. With the list of items to search, you can also see on the panel that will be displayed on the right of the screen. When you start the game, we again get to an abandoned house. You also expect dark rooms, inside of which (in most cases) there is complete chaos. Various items (tennis rocket, vase, mechanical part, boxing bag, flowers, urn, bottle, sculpture, etc.) will act as items to be searched. On the walls you can see strange inscriptions with faces. Differences game home - search for items 2 from the previous version will be in the list of items to search for and other rooms. In this part of the game, its developer will test your attention well. You will come across such rooms in which the design is also made so as to make it difficult to find the items you need. The color of objects, walls, floors can be combined with each other, this will create an additional difficulty for you in your search. And the old house with disrepair can completely hide the thing you need. You have to try hard. For those who have already played in the first part of this game, this exciting game will not seem so difficult. But who has not had time to play the first version of this game, it will be more difficult. After all, finding things, almost in an invisible space, is much more difficult than in bright and cleaned rooms. Learn to watch the volume. In this case, you will be more likely to find the item faster. In total, in this part of the game you will need to find more than 50 items. And they are all scattered to confuse you. The search for objects in the room in the game is given unlimited time, so you can sit in one room for as long as you like. This part of the game House - Hidden Object 2 requires close attention. Are you ready to practice your attentiveness again? If so, it will interest you well. In this part of the game, the game space is made in a more complex form. It will serve as a good hardening for your vigilance and attentiveness. I wonder how much time you need to go through the second part of the game?
3630 Bleached Miami
Bleached Miami Download Free!

Bleached Miami

The game takes place in 1981. The protagonist - Thomas Krause, who lived in Germany, goes to Miami, where he says goodbye to the deceased brother Richard. According to Richard's will, Thomas was to succeed the gang. Without thinking twice, Thomas agrees and remains in Miami. Gradually, Thomas began to get used to the new role - the gang began to attract new people, the first big money was earned. But at one moment everything went downhill - Jack, a business partner, was taken prisoner, Salvador appeared, demanding to return to him the old debts of Richard. Each time, Thomas gets harder to make money, but there is a vague chance in the face of the Diaz brothers. Are the Dias brothers comrades or enemies? The answer to this question will have to learn Thomas, because his life is at stake!
3631 Stickman Killer 3
Stickman Killer 3 Download Free!

Stickman Killer 3

We present you, dear lovers of toys on android, a new game about stickmans - Stickman killer 3. In this toy, amazing kills and puzzles and puzzles will await you again. In our game you will be presented as bloodthirsty zombies who really want to enjoy other characters - stickmans. For those who like to play with fantastic characters that kill people, this game is great. After all, you will see splashes of blood that will go from sinful people. It is time people pay for their sins. You, as it were, will clean the world of "dirt". The game will take place in various places: inside a two-story apartment building, in the street courtyard, on a city street with a crossroads. Your main task will be how to get into certain places so that zombies can eat stikmanov. And there will be those sinners who lead a normal life: sleep, wash, cook, drink tea, smoke cigarettes, play ball, sit on the couch, etc. And when the action of the game goes into the open spaces, then there you will have to face with total chaos. Cars will get stuckman, airplanes will fall on houses and destroy them (and from the wave that is created when hitting the house, they will cover the stickmans and they will learn to “fly”), you will see shooting characters from the windows of houses, and everyone will eat zombies. You should also not be surprised by the eagles, which will be of large size. They fly there for a reason; they will also hunt stikmans to carry them to their nest. Stop this hell on the open spaces of the game is not beyond the power of even Batman. Though chaos reigns in the circle, you should not care about it. After all, your main task is to eliminate all stikmanov on street spaces. The toy is dynamic and interesting. There are also sounds in the game, like zombies eating sinners. In a word, a meat grinder in its purest form. In the beginning you may have problems with the passage of the game. And if this happens, then know that you are choosing the wrong course of action. Take a closer look and find the loophole with which to start the toy. For example, deep open the door to the shower (this is from the first mission), if you have not opened the door to enter the house. Turn on your logic and close attention, and you will see the dynamism of the game, and all that chaos mentioned earlier.
3632 Adventure Game
Adventure Game Download Free!

Adventure Game

Adventure game. Rescuing a princess going through many difficulties. The knight will have to go through all the traps, as well as dragons and at the same time collect stars. With the death of the hero, you still have the opportunity to complete the game. Interesting gameplay and challenging levels.
3633 Stickman Killer 2
Stickman Killer 2 Download Free!

Stickman Killer 2

Game plot: In the game you have to eliminate the criminals in order to free the uninvited guests from the homes of civilians. You are the secret agent of the country's national security and it is in your interest to eliminate the terrorists. You will work undercover. Behind your back will always be the world order and people in black clothes. Other super secret mercenaries will fight for you. Game features: But how to eliminate opponents? This is up to you. The success of the counterterrorist operation depends on you. Can you use improvised means or using some of the most popular super heroes? Or maybe it would just be enough to catch the right moment and not make any effort? After all, time is unlimited here, so you can calmly, without haste, think and show all your imagination. The game will please not only lovers to think, analyze the situation, but also those who like to spend time without being bored, delighting places with ridiculous situations. If you want to brighten up your boring day with an interesting, entertaining game with colorful graphics and exciting gameplay, then Stickman Killer will perfectly cope with this. The game is completely free. Graphics and Animation: Graphics juicy, performed at a high level. The animation is funny, sometimes funny, which can not affect the good mood. Good music that complements the game with bright colors. The game has an Adobe AIR 2D engine that will allow you to enjoy this wonderful game on any android mobile device. The game has low requests to your hardware, the picture will go without braking. Gameplay: The game consists of three locations. In each location there will be five criminals. Everyone needs to be killed in a unique way. For example, you can stickman kill the chandelier, another kill the killer from the window. Another stikman will suffocate in the garage from a running car. Another stickman will stumble on the steps and die. One will take even a flying saucer from the window. In the second location, one stickman will die under the wheels of the car, a tree will fall on the other, a meteorite will fall on the third, Superman will kill the fourth. Fifth Stickman will kill Spiderman. In the third location, the first Stickman will die of a broken heart, because he will see a ghost. The second will die from Captain America, the third will die from zombies. The fourth enemy will die from the fact that the floor collapses under him, and on the fifth stickman a samurai toy will fall and pierce his head with his sharp sword.
3634 Monster Clicker
Monster Clicker Download Free!

Monster Clicker

Monster Clicker. Monster Clicker - A fascinating clicker. You need to kill different monsters, save money, rubies. When you have enough money, rubies - you can buy new weapons, or assistants who will cause damage to monsters. Become the richest and kill all the monsters in the game Monster Clicker!
3635 Catch Fruits
Catch Fruits Download Free!

Catch Fruits

In this game you need to catch a fruit basket. You get a point for every fruit you catch, but be careful, because fruits fall faster each time.
3636 Stickman Killer
Stickman Killer Download Free!

Stickman Killer

Game plot: You are a secret agent. You are sent to the three secret object to eliminate the criminals. Kill everyone in unique ways. Stickman is a widespread hero all over the world. A lot of games have already come out with his participation, but they are few. This game is decent because it is made with the mind. Animation, graphics, logic will inspire you to go through this game to the very end. Game features: Time will be enough to think about how you can organize the murder of criminals. Click on different objects and areas next to the criminals so that the finger of fate punishes the criminals. Graphics: Colorful 2D graphics will delight you throughout the game. Sound accompaniment: Each murder is accompanied by interesting sounds. Gameplay: Three locations: a house with rooms, a street with houses and cars, and a beach on an island with a ship. At each location there will be several criminals. You need to kill them. Variety of logical kills will strain your brain. The game has a puzzle arcade genre. Cool animation and ridiculous death of criminals will raise your spirits. The uniqueness of the game is that you do not have to attack enemies yourself, you will need to quietly click on an object or area. For example, it will be necessary to click on the double-decker bed of a sleeping criminal, then the criminal will fall and break. Another criminal will cool off on the toilet, for him to click on the shower, then he will drown in a room full of water. Another criminal will die if you click on the chandelier, the chandelier will fall on your head and kill it. In the game you can turn on the gas so that the smoking person explodes. You can feed the criminal poisoned apple, so that he poisoned and died. You can click on the TV so that the criminal sees the terrible girl and dies of a heartbreak. You can click on the desk lamp to kill the criminal with a current. You can click on the washcloth so that the criminal can be eaten by the monster. You can click on the dove, then the dove will fly on the enemy and the enemy will fall from the roof to death. Click on the roof, then the enemy will fall under the roof and break. You can click on the car, then the car will kill the enemy and a dead enemy with a wheel will fly out of the car and this wheel will kill the enemy standing nearby with a cigarette. In the location with the ship, click on the coconuts, when the enemy climbs on a tree, then the coconut will fall on the enemy's head and the enemy will fall to the death on the sand. Click on the cannon, then the tent will explode with a shot and from this explosion will kill two enemies at once. Click on the cloud, then lightning will kill the enemy and the enemy will fall into the water.
3637 Dark Tunels 3
Dark Tunels 3 Download Free!

Dark Tunels 3

Metro tunnels have long been neglected. There are only zombies left. Help wait for nowhere. We need to get to the surface. But all exits fell asleep. Explore the tunnels looking for a center to send a help signal.
3638 Free Kids Games
Free Kids Games Download Free!

Free Kids Games

Free children's games. The young team of Creators presents you an interesting, beautiful game for small children. If you want your little child to develop with interest and be happy, then this wonderful game is for you! You will find a wide variety of gaming locations. For example, you and your little child will be able to move various objects with your finger, pick apples and feed animals. You can go to the river or to the sea to sunbathe. You can fix a fun car or send a letter to your beloved grandmother. Very large selection of entertainment. The game is drawn very brightly and attractively, the child will forget about vanity for a while and will give you a quiet rest or finish your personal affairs to the end. Convenient control, convenient and intuitive game interface, bird singing and help to those in need in this game will delight your eye. The game is inhabited by various animals and animals. For example, you can meet on the farm pig, rabbit, chicken, dolphin and even Cheburashka! There are two Cheburashka in the game, one is Cheburek, and the other is Bruise. They will always be with you and inspire you to complete the task successfully. For puzzle lovers, there is a location with a cute bee, where you will need to collect the bee in pieces so that it can fly to your hive. For lovers of shopping, the developers have created a whole store where you will need to buy sweet grapes. For lovers of finding items in the room you will be asked to assemble a schoolbag and find a book. With Cheburashka, you can have a picnic by the river or go to the forest to collect delicious apples. You can go to the beautiful sea and play ball with a smiling dolphin. And you can also go to the farm and collect the eggs that the hen hatch. If your baby is very small, then you can give him the opportunity to just drag objects with his fingers. You can show your child different animals, then from an early age he will know what animals look like and how they differ. n this game, you need not only to rearrange objects with your finger, but also to know where to rearrange them in order for the action animation to take place. Your child will learn to change the spare wheel from the car. The child under parental control will harvest, which will show the child about the help at the cottage to his parents. In the game, you can combine shapes, make objects. Your baby will be able to learn about farm animals and enjoy simple and fun tasks every day in this original game. Your child will never forget this amazing game and your care for him. So go ahead to the adventure!
3639 Free Kids Games 2
Free Kids Games 2 Download Free!

Free Kids Games 2

Here is the second amazing part of the game for children. Your child will be able to enjoy new educational and recreational opportunities. Tasks for so many easy that a child without parents can easily cope with them. The baby is waiting for picking up puzzles, familiarization with the activities of ambulance, fire service and police. It is possible to collect tennis balls, water the flower so that the flower grows. You can also paint the car in different colors, play basketball, football, enter the school and learn the Russian alphabet. The alphabet is sound, your child will hear the correct pronunciation of letters. Let's look at what activities will be performed in the game public services. To work on the ambulance it will be necessary to save the person on whom the tree fell. In the fire service will need to put out a burning gas station, otherwise it will explode and the whole city will be left without gasoline. To work the police need to eliminate accidents on the carriageway of the city. In sports, you can either hit the target or miss. For example, in football, a player needs to hit the ball on goal, a tactic reminiscent of a penalty shootout. The goalkeeper is already a well-known character from the first part of Cheburek. In basketball, you need to know exactly where to click in order to get the ball right in the basket. Puzzles are made for the youngest children, it’s not hard to guess what detail is missing. In the first part there was a text with a task, many parents complained that the child could not read. In the second part, this problem is eliminated. The child himself looking at the picture will understand what to do. The only time studying the sound alphabet is better to spend the child with his parents, because to explain to him the correct pronunciation of the sounds of letters. The game is made with colorful graphics that will attract the attention of your child. The interface is easy and clear for adults and children. Now it is difficult to get a child to learn and develop, but thanks to such mobile games, life becomes easier. A child can play and develop his thinking, and this time you will be able to do your long-awaited activities. The main thing is to leave the child with a mobile device on a soft warm floor, so that he does not fall down and break your device. You can also put the child in the crib, there, too, nothing will happen to your child and your device.
3640 Money Clicker
Money Clicker Download Free!

Money Clicker

Money Clicker - Interesting Clicker. Click on the button, buy employees, things. Increase your income by buying items, hiring employees. Every time, the thing you bought will become more expensive. Become the richest in the Money Clicker game!
3641 Tizi Run
Tizi Run Download Free!

Tizi Run

TiziRun - unusual and interesting runner it all started with the fact that a monster named Dulse attacked the peaceful settlement of the main character Tizi the only one who ran away from the monster collect a multiple number of keys running from the monster, but besides the monster you will be disturbed by his assistants! Run !!
3642 Car Of Speed
Car Of Speed Download Free!

Car Of Speed

In this game you will drive a car. This is one of the games that tickles your nerves. You need to avoid numerous obstacles on the way the further you pass you the more points you earn.
3643 The Monster
The Monster Download Free!

The Monster

Do you know what madness is? Madness is what creates our monsters in the game "The Monster". Meet 2D Shooter top view about monster monster who accidentally became a sewer. Do you think this is a joke? This is not a joke, and you will see for yourself. Go through all the adventures with a monster. Good luck!
3644 Fun Adventure
Fun Adventure Download Free!

Fun Adventure

You will find a fascinating and interesting adventure kitty. One day the kitten was played with his friend in a clearing where the grass grew and the sun was shining. Kittens were happy and played all day. But then a terrible thing happened. Suddenly an angry dog ??rushed into the meadow and kidnapped a friend of the kitten. It's time for your kitten to save a friend from an evil dog. You have to play a kitten, run and jump along the roads, cliffs. Along the way, you can collect asterisks, solve puzzles, fight with dogs. The game is made with bright, high-quality graphics, pleasant music and convenient control. All control is done by clicking on the screen, you need to find where to click, so that your kitten runs to the specified point of depression. Puzzles are also solved, you need to find where to click for the action to take place. The game has 14 different levels. Each level is individual. In one level you will run and jump, in the other you will ride on gurneys and fly on balls. In some levels, evil dogs will block your path. To get rid of them you will need to throw a box or a stone at the dogs, or just jump over. Your kitten is absolutely small and he will have not just a fun adventure, but also a dangerous one. You can easily get stuck on any level, fall off a cliff, or be killed by a boss dog. At the very beginning of the game, you will realize that your friend was taken away not just by an angry dog, but by the boss of a pack of evil dogs. Who knows what he can do with a friend of a kitten, you must immediately go on a journey to save him. Each character has a high-quality drawing. The protagonist of the kitten has a basic gray wool color with black stripes. His friend is red with black stripes. On the way the kitten will meet white dogs, and the boss is black and brown. The game will be waiting for you a different type of wheelchair, on which you can sit down and move down the mountain. It is possible to jump into the gurneys on the springboards and thereby fly over long distances. On the way there will be various pits, stones, reservoirs, wood, cableways, bridges, mills and much more. The kitten is afraid of water and height, do not let it fall there. The game will be able to play children of any age, as well as adults. The game will appeal to all lovers of adventure and games in the style of run and collect. The game is suitable for the version of smartphones and tablets and will start at any screen resolution. Good luck to you game, it is worthy so that you do not pass by.
3645 Stickman Sniper 4
Stickman Sniper 4 Download Free!

Stickman Sniper 4

Today we will again go to the world of stikmans, where cities are filled with criminals, villains, and "extra" tenants. We are pleased to present you, dear lovers of toys on android, the fourth part of an interesting and exciting game Stickman Sniper. Did you manage to go through the three previous parts of this toy? If not, then you should not immediately jump to the fourth part. First go through the first three parts, gain experience, practice, and then you can safely move to the fourth level. Well, now let's dwell on the toy. The concept of the game Stickman Sniper 4 remains the same. You will play for a secret agent who must eliminate dangerous criminals. In your hands you have a powerful sniper rifle with optics, which will be a shame to miss. The game takes place in the first person. You need to care only about your goal, that is, to precisely find the criminal through the picture that you see at the beginning of the mission. And everything else, the developer of the toy has already done for you, namely, the search for the necessary building to execute a shot, reloading weapons, etc. Involve your concentration and keen eyes during the game, then the missions will seem interesting and simple, if not, you should pay attention to the development of these qualities. The shot will happen wherever you hit your finger. If you have precisely defined the target, you can safely pull the trigger and enjoy the blue screen with a characteristic inscription. The graphics of the game is up to standard, as is its plot. In this part of the game, the action of the game in missions takes place at night. The criminals this time turned out to be in the most beautiful city from the world of stickmans. Your goal - not to allow criminals to turn around in this beautiful town. Behind the street where you are, you can see the lights from the skyscrapers. The streets themselves are also filled with colorful lights from shops, clubs, hotels, etc. The nightlife of the stickmans in the city is varied: some prefer to drive around the night city in their car, walk their pets, roll a stroller with a child, while others either just sit down or eat sandwiches. Everyone spends time on their own. It is important not to miss the criminals among the peaceful tenants.
3646 Amazing Repair
Amazing Repair Download Free!

Amazing Repair

The game's plot tells us the story of a simple pensioner who went for a walk on the rebuilt city. Amazing repair is a 2D platformer with a side view, the task is to get to the door avoiding falling blocks from above, as well as using them to build a path to the cherished goal.
3647 Escape From The Dark Maze
Escape From The Dark Maze Download Free!

Escape From The Dark Maze

Escape From The Dark Maze is an adventure horror. You have to find a way out of a dark maze. The oppressive atmosphere of the dungeon will be a serious obstacle. Find your way to freedom! Good luck!
3648 Hover Car Race Runner 2
Hover Car Race Runner 2 Download Free!

Hover Car Race Runner 2

Hover Car Race Runner 2 is a high-speed survival runner. Choose your hovercar and start the race! Test your reaction and ability to react quickly in the constantly changing environment of the game. Discover new tracks and hone your skills in the game. Set records and unlock levels. Bright graphics and interesting gameplay will not let you get bored!
3649 Diamond Rain II New
Diamond Rain II New Download Free!

Diamond Rain II New

Diamonds, coins and all other treasures you can collect in this game. Over 250 levels. Have a nice game. Esc - close Games. Good luck!
3650 Stickman Sniper 3
Stickman Sniper 3 Download Free!

Stickman Sniper 3

We bring to your attention, dear lovers of toys on android, the third part of a simple and exciting game Stickman Sniper. Most likely, you already know what this funny toy is about and its essence, but still ... In the Stickman Sniper game series, you will have to play as a sniper who needs to “clean” the streets from certain stickmans without any casualties, otherwise you will fail the mission. Before exploring the third part of the game does not hurt to go through the first two parts. The difference between the parts is mainly in the locations where the action takes place. Next, consider in more detail the third part of the game. As in the other two parts, each mission has its own location. At the beginning of the game, look more closely at the screen, because there is a chance that you will not see your goal and “pay attention” to the wrong stickman and make a lot of unnecessary sacrifices. The action of the third part of the game mainly takes place in a big city. In the background are visible high-rise, architecturally beautiful buildings that immediately catch the eye. During the game, the city will live a normal life: some stickmen roll the stroller with the baby, others smoke a cigarette; Cars are driving around on the roads, etc. In the game you can also meet stickmans who have a firearm in their hand. Having met this, do not rush to conclusions that this is your goal (because you already know it). Suddenly he is just a toy counterpart. If you have good attentiveness, then in Stickman Sniper 3 you can see a lot of beauty. The first thing that clearly catches the eye is the bright and saturated colors that make the streets, buildings. Efforts of the developer in the design of locations are at the proper level. In one of the streets you may see a sign with the name stickman, say, a bonus from the developer. The rest of the beautiful subtleties, dear player, you will see for yourself. The toy is perfect in order to interestingly pass the time and do a good deed for the stickman, killing unnecessary characters. The game Stickman Sniper 3 is a good example of a game that, despite its simplicity, can distract you from all things and immerse yourself in the world of stickmen, where city streets need to be “cleaned up”. This game is absolutely free. In the game, the number of shots is not limited, so they can not be sorry. A good, attentive player will only need to make one shot at a single mission and eliminate the target, which may not be enough for another. If you want to have fun, feel free to download the game Stickman Sniper 3. Check your attention. Enjoy your game!