1 Something
Something Download Free!


Something-game that tells about the journey of a hero who loses himself. In the game, you can see that the whole world is chaos where there is no point. The hero is trying to find him although there is nothing to look for. After going through his journey, the hero will understand what he should have understood at the very beginning. Play this spooky and mesmerizing game with fun!
2 Little Adventure 2
Little Adventure 2 Download Free!

Little Adventure 2

Little adventure 2 is a sequel to the 2D platformer adventure set in a fantasy world full of dangers and adventures. You have to play as an assistant to the blacksmith named Ben and go on a fun adventure, but this time alone! Start your journey in a wonderful forest, complete the intricate levels, but beware of enemy creatures and clear the forest from monsters!
3 Mysterious Warrior
Mysterious Warrior Download Free!

Mysterious Warrior

Mysterious Warrior - Introduces a 2D action platformer adventure. You have to play as a mystical warrior, carry out the orders of the servants of the deity and destroy the evil spirits that have infected this world. Darkness swallowed the world. Uncleanness invaded this world and the servants of the deity came to the rescue, vowing to cleanse the world of evil. But a certain warrior also invaded the world.
4 Eye 2
Eye 2 Download Free!

Eye 2

Eye-game with a special atmosphere that is both creepy and stressful at the same time. In this game, you are a little man who runs away from darkness. Soon you will realize that you are seeing the light coming from above and you will understand that this is your hope. Go through 6 difficult floors of the tower of darkness to finally get to an incomprehensible light. In the end you will understand the secret of this mysterious light. "I see a light in the darkness, but is it the" Light "?".
5 Strangeman
Strangeman Download Free!


Strange Man is a really cool game to play! The graphics are amazing and this is not a boring game! Can you complete all the levels? Enjoy the game!
6 Tomato Adventure
Tomato Adventure Download Free!

Tomato Adventure

Adventures of a funny tomato. A beautiful platformer built according to all the principles of the genre. Interesting levels, difficult obstacles, nice graphics - what else do you need? Simple controls will allow you to quickly get used to and enjoy the game.
7 Melvins Confrontation
Melvins Confrontation Download Free!

Melvins Confrontation

MelvinsConfrontation is a story platformer about the confrontation between humans and robots, where you have to defeat robots. The game has a very interesting plot and pleasant controls. The game also uses a flat style of graphics and realistic physics. During the fight with your enemies, you will have to use both weapons and just quietly bypass your enemies. Can you survive and defeat the robots?
8 Time To Jump
Time To Jump Download Free!

Time To Jump

Time To Jump is an exciting platformer in which the player plays with a dice. The player will have to overcome many obstacles to the rhythmic soundtrack.
9 Dudu Monkey
Dudu Monkey Download Free!

Dudu Monkey

Monkey Dudu jumps over the vines and on the heads of the mad monsters that have filled the jungle and now danger threatens not only the monkey, but also its bananas, and this must not be allowed! Dudu Monkey is a 2d platformer with a nice picture, which shows the story of a little monkey that rescues its jungle and bananas from evil monsters, pushing off walls and jumping onto high platforms to jump on the heads of enemies.
10 Bigfoot At The Factory
Bigfoot At The Factory Download Free!

Bigfoot At The Factory

A colorful and interesting game in which you have to help the Bigfoot. Your task is to collect all the products on the floor, otherwise the door will not open and you will not be able to go to the next floor. The game has two modes: easy and hard. Ready? Then go ahead.
11 Power Of Jump
Power Of Jump Download Free!

Power Of Jump

power of jump is an addicting platform game. In the game, you can see different locations, from the forest to the desert. Go to the end to find out how smart you are. At the end, you will be able to see your stats. Compete with your friends who will complete the game in fewer attempts!
12 Hoples
Hoples Download Free!


Hoples is a time-limited 2D hardcore precision platformer. This is a pretty difficult game that will make you sweat and nervous. What is the difficulty of this game? And the difficulty is that you do not have a lot of time, not a little 40 seconds, during this time you have to get to the cup, which is at the very top of the map. Everything seems to be simple, but do not rush to rejoice, as on the way to the cup you will be awaited by treacherous traps that you need to run according to timing, jump on walls and much more!
13 Badforest
Badforest Download Free!


Will run on any PC! Badforest - This is an awesome game, amazing graphics and an enjoyable game! Win all levels and don't lose. Can you complete all the levels? Enjoy this amazing game.
14 Cube Squareventure
Cube Squareventure Download Free!

Cube Squareventure

Cube Squareventure - this arcade game is made by russian, collect points and beat your own records. good luck with your game!
15 Frog
Frog Download Free!


You play as a frog trying to get to the goblet. The game consists of five DIFFICULT levels, which will validate your ability to complete such platformers. Try not to quit this game before you finish. This game is possible to pass, you just need to try. Good luck!
16 Try Get Out Of Strange Forest
Try Get Out Of Strange Forest Download Free!

Try Get Out Of Strange Forest

Try get out of strange forest is an exciting game in which you have to fight with numerous difficulties to escape from a mysterious forest, not everyone can do it, good luck traveler.
17 Game Boy Adventure
Game Boy Adventure Download Free!

Game Boy Adventure

Game Boy Adventure is a legendary platformer with an amazing jungle adventure. Let's take an adventure, be a brave hero, and fight against the aliens, monsters, and Big Bosses. Game Boy Adventure is easy for all ages to pick up and play, but at the same time challenging to master it, this platformer game takes you on an adventure unlike any other you can slide, jump, attack, fire your enemy comes to your way. Try to unlock other Lands if you have the skills to conquer them. Game Boy Adventure GamePlay: Jump and Run through various mysterious lands and mythical worlds to discover breathtaking places and reveal their hidden secrets. Try to win as many trophies as you can!
18 Passing Man
Passing Man Download Free!

Passing Man

PassingMan - This is a game where a man goes through levels. When you start playing the game, you can turn the music on or off. The game has as many as 4 levels.
19 In Search Of Adventure
In Search Of Adventure Download Free!

In Search Of Adventure

You and your friends went camping, but you split from your group. Your task is to get out of the forest. And find out why your friends left you. But you will remember something. Forward!
20 Toby Adventure
Toby Adventure Download Free!

Toby Adventure

Toby Adventure is a 2D platformer. You will play as Toby, jump from platform to platform so as not to fall on the spikes and get to the finish line. Five exciting levels await you. Can you pass them? We'll see!
21 Anonymous Adventures
Anonymous Adventures Download Free!

Anonymous Adventures

Anonymous Adventures is a 2D Arcade Platformer. You will to game for anonymous, which will to amass Gitcoins and defeat enemies. An exciting adventure across numerous varied levels awaits you that you will remember forever. But be careful, you waiting dangers. Can you overcome them? We'll see!
22 Beer
Beer Download Free!


Your friends asked you to run to the store for a beer before eleven. You have to jump from platform to platform. But not everything is so simple, some platforms will not be real. Set your attention otherwise you can jump past the platform and you will have to start the level all over again. Good luck!
23 Swift Elf
Swift Elf Download Free!

Swift Elf

Swift Elf is a 2D platformer with adventure elements. In it you have to play as a clever elf who found himself in mysterious lands. Help him find a way out, destroy monsters and go through location after location collecting bonuses on his way! In the game you have to go through more than 50 game levels, while you will die over and over again and despite your mistakes, you will have to go through the level on a new one!
24 Bunker Stalina
Bunker Stalina Download Free!

Bunker Stalina

BunkerStalina is a horror platformer game. In it, you play as a journalist who decides to check a place from a newspaper. There are terrible monsters and scary places waiting for him. Try to survive in this bunker.
25 Well No Part 2
Well No Part 2 Download Free!

Well No Part 2

Well NO Part 2 is the continuation of one of my most popular games, in which this time you have to go a hard way and solve the mystery of the mad doctor. Will you be able to pass all his tests and not go crazy? Can you solve the mystery of the disappearance of your friends? All this YOU can learn in this wonderful game.
26 Retiree
Retiree Download Free!


Retiree is a game about an old man in Russia in which you will have to try to live for 14 days. Also, depending on your actions, the ending will change, prices will change in stores every day, so you will have to buy in different stores. The game is for Windows only.
27 Kruozent Castle Mystery
Kruozent Castle Mystery Download Free!

Kruozent Castle Mystery

There was a count in his own castle and he was very rich. So that no thief could steal his treasures, the count hired a strange scientist-inventor from a distant country, who always wore a mask. This inventor, in one of the parts of the castle, made many mechanisms with the help of which he protected the count's treasures. Time passed and the Count vnezano died, taking with him the secret of the mechanisms that reveal the hidden treasures. To open the hiding places and take possession of the count's treasures, his relatives hired a local craftsman-inventor. So, in order to get the treasures in each part of the castle, you have to solve the mystery of the mechanisms of a mysterious inventor in a mask. Memory the was a count not very good with , therefore, at his request, the scientist-inventor, making hiding places, left inscriptions on the tablets that suggest the way to open the hiding place. Use these tips to complete your task. To protect himself, our hero put on the armor of a knight and began to unravel the secrets of the Kruosent castle. Be careful, some machinery can be dangerous. In each level, be sure to collect all the coins.
28 Retro Adventure
Retro Adventure Download Free!

Retro Adventure

A small platformer with metroidvania elements. You have to play as a green piece of snot with a human face. Enemies and unexplored territories will be waiting for you on the way. You need to collect all the treasures and kill all the enemies. Controls: W, A, S, D, Space, Mouse1, F. It is possible to play from a gamepad.
29 Run Prince Run
Run Prince Run Download Free!

Run Prince Run

You play as a prince who must destroy monsters. Can you beat them? After all, the longer you play, the stronger they become. In order to defeat them, you will need to save money and improve. There are several difficulty levels and an endless run mode to choose from. Run, fight and improve.
30 Shal
Shal Download Free!


At the beginning of the game, the student gets from home to college, having come to college, he tries to reach the office, where the fate of his diploma will be decided, along the way he will be in danger, when he reaches the office, he will receive a diploma or will be expelled.
31 Little Adventure
Little Adventure Download Free!

Little Adventure

Little adventure is a 2D platformer adventure game with beautiful graphics. You have to play as an assistant to the blacksmith named Ben and, together with the blacksmith, go to the castle to the king to give the legendary sword! Immerse yourself in a fantasy world full of danger and adventure! Start your journey in a wonderful forest, go through intricate levels, but beware of enemy creatures and clear the forest from monsters!
32 Medieval Hero
Medieval Hero Download Free!

Medieval Hero

Medieval Hero is a fast-paced 2D platformer with many levels and enemies. Take on the role of a Medieval Knight and start crushing your enemies! Immerse yourself in a world full of adventures and dangers. Explore mysterious dungeons and fight bosses in your quest to end the war between the kingdom and the monsters!
33 Blood Pix
Blood Pix Download Free!

Blood Pix

BloodPix games will tell you the story of a ninja in whose life there was nothing but revenge. Immerse yourself in a story full of pain and suffering will you be able to reach the end and solve the mystery of the nameless warrior.
34 Skyline
Skyline Download Free!


Skyline is a platformer in which you have to get out of the laboratory by controlling a robot. The game takes place in the distant future. You are in a robot laboratory. You need to get out of it and successfully pass all the tests.
35 Alien X
Alien X Download Free!

Alien X

Alien X is a hardcore game in which you have to survive as a monster named Bomber who finds himself in an unknown way on an unknown planet. A typical platformer in which you will go through a variety of hardcore levels, collecting various items on your way. Your main task throughout the game will be only one thing: to help Bomber get out of this planet. Do not think that everything will be very simple. On your way you will encounter various obstacles, ranging from ordinary traps and ending with flying monsters. Think over your every step, keep an eye on your enemies, collect the necessary items and this game will not let you get bored.
36 Klabi
Klabi Download Free!


Klabi is an enjoyable platformer about a cat named Klabi. This cat loves various sweets. Your task in this game is to collect sweets and overcome various levels. Do not forget that Klaby has only one life to complete the entire level, so you should be very careful all the time. Go through the levels, think over your every step and be sure this game will not disappoint you!
37 Just Jump 3
Just Jump 3 Download Free!

Just Jump 3

Just Jump 3 - This is the third part of a unique platformer. Your task is to dodge the projectiles flying at your character, jump over the spikes and go through level after level. In the third part, in comparison with the second, it was added: shells flying from the ceiling and the same from the walls.
38 Robert Adventure 6
Robert Adventure 6 Download Free!

Robert Adventure 6

RobertAdventure6 – The sixth part of an exciting platformer. Pass all the obstacles and collect a coin.
39 Banshee
Banshee Download Free!


You are in a mysterious dungeon, from where you have to get out alive. Don't lose your mind, beware of monsters, dodge traps. Complete all levels and prove that you deserve to live!
40 Ascent
Ascent Download Free!


Ascent is a 2D platformer. You will need to go through several levels. Each level has different difficulties. The essence of the game is to activate the portal, which is located at the very end of the level. After overcoming all the tests, you will need to defeat the boss.
41 Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween Download Free!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween is an ordinary 2D platformer in which you have to complete various, picturesque and hardcore levels, playing as the main character named Jack. The essence of this game is to have a fun and successful Halloween. Your main task in this game is to complete levels and collect certain items, namely pumpkins. On each of the levels there is a certain number of pumpkins, having collected which, the witch's house will open - this will be your transition to the next level. Do not think that this is child's play, because you will encounter various obstacles and enemies on your way. Be careful as you only have one attempt to complete the level. Move towards your goal, overcome obstacles and you will love this game for sure!


TOOTHY HISTORY is a hardcore 2D platformer with survival elements in which your main task will be to complete levels and collect certain items as a cute dinosaur. As you already understood, in this game you play as a dinosaur, whose task is to collect all the objects on the level. In total, there are 5 specific items on the level, having collected which, you can go to the next level. Be careful, as a variety of obstacles and traps will come across and hinder you throughout your journey. Also, do not forget that a dinosaur has only one life, and after contact with any trap, it instantly dies. Good luck!
43 Danger Gold
Danger Gold Download Free!

Danger Gold

In this world, you went to a dungeon to find a mysterious stone. Complete all levels while avoiding various traps and monsters! Survive and get to the surface!
44 Robert Adventure 4
Robert Adventure 4 Download Free!

Robert Adventure 4

RobertAdventure4 – The fourth part of an exciting platformer. Pass all the obstacles and collect a coin.
45 Robert Adventure 3
Robert Adventure 3 Download Free!

Robert Adventure 3

RobertAdventure3 - The third part of an exciting platformer. Go through all the obstacles and collect a coin.
46 Mostovit
Mostovit Download Free!


You have to get out of a dangerous location. Beware of traps and monsters! Survive, learn all the secrets and go through all the challenging levels! Not everyone will survive!
47 Just Jump 2
Just Jump 2 Download Free!

Just Jump 2

Just Jump 2 - this is a platformer with a boss at the end and with small fragments of the plot. The game is addictive and you can really get carried away.
48 Robert Adventure 2
Robert Adventure 2 Download Free!

Robert Adventure 2

RobertAdventure2 – The second part of an exciting platformer. Pass all the obstacles and collect a coin.
49 ASD
ASD Download Free!


ASD is a small game. The task is to get to the finish line. it is very important not to fall off the platform, otherwise the game will start again. There are different platforms. Keyboard control.
50 PIU
PIU Download Free!


PIU is a small game. The task for the player is to fly in the sky for as long as possible. This will be prevented by flying monsters. You can also get points for this. Mouse control.
51 IPS
IPS Download Free!


IPS is a small game. The player will have to find the finish line. There are several ways to do this search. Climbing the platforms will not always be easy. Keyboard control.

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