3350 Namnam
Namnam Download Free!


This game is designed for those who like challenging games! I was able to score 1050 points! If someone can beat my record, write in the comments! (Although I doubt that this is possible =)
3351 Evil Monsters
Evil Monsters Download Free!

Evil Monsters

Monsters filled the whole earth. People fled from cities to empty lands. They began to build temporary buildings from what was. You were hiding in one such village. But nothing is hidden from the eyes of monsters. They found your village. Nowhere else to run.
3352 Gentle Gray
Gentle Gray Download Free!

Gentle Gray

Easy arcade! You have to evade the boxes! They fly at tremendous speed. Be careful and agile. Dodging the box, you get one point. Management: A- Move left, D- Move right.
3353 Chicken Bird
Chicken Bird Download Free!

Chicken Bird

The chicken learned to fly! Help her overcome as many obstacles as possible! On the way you will meet pipes. Get points and fly. Management: spacebar.
3354 Breakfast For Zombies
Breakfast For Zombies Download Free!

Breakfast For Zombies

In the game Breakfast for zombies you have to feed a little zombie. Brains fall from the sky, which he must catch. For each brain caught, the player receives one point, and for the missed one, two points are taken away from him. At each level you need to catch a certain amount to go to a new level, but if your score is less than zero, then you will lose.
3355 Defence Outpost 2
Defence Outpost 2 Download Free!

Defence Outpost 2

The space base is again attacked by unknowns. The attack is now more thought out. All personnel and guards destroyed. Communication does not work. Help is nowhere to wait. Base protection is now your task. Destroy the attackers.
3356 Ominous City
Ominous City Download Free!

Ominous City

A base of terrorists was found in the ruined city. A special forces group arrived at the site and found a warehouse with toxic waste. During the shootout, the terrorists blew up barrels of poison. I had to urgently put on gas masks. Kill the enemies.
3357 Hearts And Lightnig
Hearts And Lightnig Download Free!

Hearts And Lightnig

In this simple but interesting game you have to catch hearts that the pigeon throws off, but at the same time a black raven throws deadly lightning bolts at you. Each missed heart takes away one point from those that you collected. Try to hold out as long as possible and set a new record.
3358 Soldier Vs Zombie Arena
Soldier Vs Zombie Arena Download Free!

Soldier Vs Zombie Arena

A meteorite fell far in the mountains. The earth was covered with ash several meters high. But this is not the worst thing - people started to get sick. Sick people turned into zombies. The walking dead began to hunt the living. People hid in burrows. You, with a group of armed people, beat off waves of zombies protecting the living.
3359 Curse
Curse Download Free!


This game is designed for those who like complex but beautiful games!
3360 Astronauts Shooter
Astronauts Shooter Download Free!

Astronauts Shooter

An unknown enemy turned everyone who was on the space station into cyborg zombies, now they want to destroy you! Fight the enemy and hold out as long as possible until reinforcements come!
3361 Galactic Station Defence
Galactic Station Defence Download Free!

Galactic Station Defence

Defend the space station of your native planet at all costs! Enemy drones literally want to ram the station. Protect her and do not let them destroy your ship. Collect details to repair the station and ship!
3362 Room 66
Room 66 Download Free!

Room 66

"What does the imprisonment of a janitor, a majestic wooden horse and a room filled to the top with water have in common? Answer these questions and more by making your way through the chaos-ridden hallways of a not so typical university." Room66 is a first person walking simulator, in wich you uncover the circumstances of a huge campus riot. On your way to find out what happend, you will encounter many obstacles to overcome, and in the end uncover the story of the ridiculous situation.
3363 Tanks Apocalyptic War
Tanks Apocalyptic War Download Free!

Tanks Apocalyptic War

Tanks Apocalyptic War is a top-down shooter. In this game you have to fight with a huge amount of enemy equipment. Several types of tanks, each with their own characteristics. Survive on the battlefields, set records and do not let destroy your tank!
3364 Black White Run
Black White Run Download Free!

Black White Run

Black & White Run is a runner with an original and stylish visual performance. Use your reaction to run as long as possible and set a record! Over time, running speed increases, so - the farther, the more difficult!
3365 Shooting In The Garage
Shooting In The Garage Download Free!

Shooting In The Garage

You are the guard of one abandoned garage in a small Russian city, and armed intruders entered your territory on one shift. At first you only had a knife in your hands, but with it you can take away weapons from the bandits. Weapons are still hidden in the territory, one of them is behind the castle, find the key to the gate and hold on until help arrives. A first aid kit will help restore lost strength.
3366 Seeker Of Adventures
Seeker Of Adventures Download Free!

Seeker Of Adventures

Seeker of Adventures is the simplest 2D platformer with survival elements in which you have to go through hardcore levels as a traveler who decided to get rich by finding the treasures of ancient tribes. The essence of this game is very simple, on each of the levels there are four golden figurines, having collected all of them, the door to the travelerís house will open, and passing through which you will be at the next level. But, as we all know, daring on such a journey, it is important to remember that in this life everything is not as simple as it seems ... A lot of various traps, traps, obstacles and other things will stand in your way. It is up to you to decide and act in this game, so it will be up to you whether your main character finds treasures or dies, because he does not have a third option. Good luck!
3367 Little Dog
Little Dog Download Free!

Little Dog

Little Dog is an original 2D platformer with attractive graphics, suitable for people of completely different ages. In this game you have to go through the levels for a small but brave enough dog. Your main task is to collect bones for this dog. After you collect all the bones on the level, a doghouse will open for you, passing through which you will be on the next level. Passing levels, be extremely careful, because they hide many dangers, such as: sharp stones, evil plants and bats. Touching them, you instantly die, respectively, the game starts anew. Beautiful, animated graphics. Many levels with increasing difficulty. The simplest gameplay.
3368 The Brave Mouse
The Brave Mouse Download Free!

The Brave Mouse

The Brave Mouse is a simple 2D platformer with survival elements in which you play as a small but very brave mouse. Your main task is to collect all the pieces of cheese on each level, but be careful, because the mouse is surrounded by many dangers, such as bees, spikes and fires. With each level your task will become more complicated, but this is not a reason to despair, think logically, wait a moment and act! To complete the level you need to build the correct sequence of transitions on the platforms. The wrong step can lead to the death of the mouse, followed by a restart of the level. After collecting all 3 pieces of cheese on the level, the door opens, passing through which you get to the next level. And remember - free cheese only happens in a mousetrap.
3369 The Slug
The Slug Download Free!

The Slug

The Slug is a medium-difficulty 2D platformer in which you play as a regular slug. Your main goal is to collect all the mucus and thereby complete the levels. Be careful, different dangers are hidden at each level, such as mosquitoes, ants and sharp peaks. Faced with them, your main character instantly dies, respectively, the level begins anew. Jumping on ants, you kill them without harm to yourself, this will help you complete levels without unnecessary enemies. Think over every step, because, having stumbled at least once, there will be no turning back.
3370 Iron Knight
Iron Knight Download Free!

Iron Knight

Iron Knight is an original 2D platform game with survival elements that will delight you with its simple gameplay. In this platformer, you have to go through a variety of picturesque levels for a brave knight. Your main task is to collect helmets and kill monsters. Having collected all the helmets on the level and defeating all the enemies you can go to the next level. Be careful, as many obstacles in your way can prevent you from passing the level.
3371 Three Of A Fish
Three Of A Fish Download Free!

Three Of A Fish

The classic and many favorite genre of three in a row is now on the theme of fish. Move similarly colored fish in a row vertically or horizontally to chain. Collect points and watch the timer. In the game there are levels where you need to have time to collect the required number of points in the allotted time, as well as levels where you need to score points for a limited number of moves. There may also be obstacles that can be removed by folding the fish in a row next to the obstacles. Have a nice game.
3372 Alien Outpost
Alien Outpost Download Free!

Alien Outpost

You, with a group of mercenaries, guard someone else's base. Not just a stranger, but an alien base. She was found in the mountains a few months ago. They decided not to use the soldiers in order to maintain complete anonymity. But still, someone found out about the existence of this base. Now you have to protect the base before the arrival of special forces. Good luck.
3373 Air Rush Genesis
Air Rush Genesis Download Free!

Air Rush Genesis

Air Rush: Genesis - A unique game in the genre of Shoot 'em up. Invaders attacked the Earth, and only you can stop them thanks to the latest aviation. You have to play the captain of the surviving aircraft carrier. A wide variety of improvements and a lot of aircraft assistants! They can improve the aircraft, and its equipment. With all this, you have to recapture the Earth. Go Captain, the future depends on YOU!
3374 Dont Jump
Dont Jump Download Free!

Dont Jump

Dont Jump is a fun platformer game. You have to go through all the levels. The main feature of the game is that you canít jump in it, you have to go through all the levels without jumping.
3375 My Arconoid
My Arconoid Download Free!

My Arconoid

Play the classic game of Arkonoid. Go through several levels listening to beautiful, calm music. Remembering the old days when you were children. Break colorful bricks and go through different levels. Levels differ in different differences. A game to relax after a hard day.
3376 Labirint Boy
Labirint Boy Download Free!

Labirint Boy

Maze game! You have to go through 5 levels of the maze! Your character has a good speed. Your task is to find a way out of the maze. The game is an easy puzzle (for beginners in this genre of games).
3377 Wasteland Invasion
Wasteland Invasion Download Free!

Wasteland Invasion

After the collision of the Earth with a meteorite, the climate changed. It rains very rarely. The land has long become an arid wasteland. Alien viruses have infected humans and animals with terrible consequences. Only people with immunity remained. But there is no immunity from the teeth of terrible creatures. Protect yourself.
3378 Wasteland Arena Shooter
Wasteland Arena Shooter Download Free!

Wasteland Arena Shooter

The world of the wasteland is a terrible world. A world full of violence. The struggle for resources forces various groups to wage fierce battles for them. One of these places is the old military base. The base is well protected, but many gangs are trying their hand. You, with a team of defenders, defend it. Do not let the enemies win. Kill everyone who made their way to the base. Help your soldiers - you are stronger in the team.
3379 Lord VS Nas Vai
Lord VS Nas Vai Download Free!

Lord VS Nas Vai

The game takes place in 2145, when people went to the shelter and on the ground there were only intelligent drones. The latest model L. O. R. D. drone is trying to bring them back. But he will have to go through dangerous lands full of hostile armed machines. Hit the road right now, so as not to lose precious time. But do not forget that You are also mortal and need tactics and extreme caution to complete the mission! Interesting quest platformer definitely will not let you get bored and will not leave you indifferent. Levels filled with enemies, do not let you relax, but at the same time do not strain excessive complexity, and colorful graphics gives the gameplay a twist. You will feel the atmosphere of 2145 and feel like a reasonable machine.
3380 Spa War
Spa War Download Free!

Spa War

Intergalactic war! Stop the madness! Using your ship! Kill all enemies and set your own personal record! Be careful and maneuver!
3381 Alien Wasteland
Alien Wasteland Download Free!

Alien Wasteland

Alien spaceships appeared suddenly. The air defense of earthlings did not notice them. After the first and strong explosions of the aliens, military bases were completely destroyed and the sky turned red. Now the ground operation has begun. Earthlings showed little resistance. There are no strong weapons and skills to deal with aliens and their robots. Kill enemies and gain experience. Strong weapons can be purchased at the store.
3382 Platform
Platform Download Free!


In this game you have to survive on the platform. On which bombs will fall, rockets fall and saws pop out. The game can be played by both one and two players. The game has a high score table that holds ten lines. Also, the game has a pleasant soundtrack.
3383 Monsters Invasion
Monsters Invasion Download Free!

Monsters Invasion

The battle with monsters is not the first year. First, monsters appeared far in the mountains, and now they have invaded the territory of the town. The evacuation of civilians began. Small special forces were divided into groups and distributed in quarters. Fight off waves of monsters. Do not let hungry enemies capture this quarter. People rely on you.
3384 Defence Outpost
Defence Outpost Download Free!

Defence Outpost

After the fall of an alien spacecraft, it was decided to equip a laboratory at the old military base. According to the drawings from the spacecraft, several buildings have already been built. They began to restore the spaceship. However, information from this laboratory is needed by many people. A group of mercenaries attacked the base. If the information is stolen and falls into bad hands, this can bring chaos and destruction. Protect the base.
3385 Jeana Styh
Jeana Styh Download Free!

Jeana Styh

Jeana Styh is a 2d beat-em up platformer. Take control of secret agent Jeana Styh as she must fight her way out of the despotic nation of Landia. She will combat elite forces, deadly assassins, regular soldiers, and a guy in a motorcycle helmet. Will she be able to escape? Can she prove that she is the world's greatest spy? Why are we here?den path ways and bounce far out of the reach of enemies.
3386 Scary Stories In City
Scary Stories In City Download Free!

Scary Stories In City

Night came and the city plunged into darkness. Only occasionally visible light lanterns. Abandoned cars are scattered on the road. People hid or became zombies. Now the walking dead rule here. Only the most daring or desperate took to the streets for protection.
3387 Arena Shooter Enemy Killer 2
Arena Shooter Enemy Killer 2 Download Free!

Arena Shooter Enemy Killer 2

A ruined and empty city is an ideal place for an arena. The prize for victory is both money and recognition. Many mercenaries want to participate, but choose the best of the best. The honor of entering the arena is granted to you. Choose weapons and go into battle. May the strongest win.
3388 Ball Blast Rush
Ball Blast Rush Download Free!

Ball Blast Rush

Ball Blast Rush is a super casual arcade game. The player controls a self-propelled gun shoots huge boulders earning crystals to improve the gun. The larger the number on the boulder, the more times you need to get into it to break it and get a reward for it. The idea of ​​the game is to shoot and maneuver among parts, while maintaining excellent balance, which allows you to move around the screen and not break. Earned crystals can be spent on upgrades that enhance your potential. Ball Blast Rush is a simple, but at the same time addictive and very addictive game that can provide long hours of simple entertainment.
3389 The Keys Of Qotheaton
The Keys Of Qotheaton Download Free!

The Keys Of Qotheaton

The Keys Of Qotheaton is a hardcore retro game in which the player has only one life. There is only one attempt to win, but this makes the game only more interesting! Collect all the keys scattered around the world, defeat enemies and find the way to Quasionon!
3390 Tiny Micro Leaper 2
Tiny Micro Leaper 2 Download Free!

Tiny Micro Leaper 2

Tiny Micro Leaper 2 is a sequel to the platformer about a little jumper traveling around the worlds. This game combines the classic platform gameplay with the Pac-Man gameplay. Help the little jumper overcome all the obstacles of the new world and continue his journey!
3391 Alien City Defender
Alien City Defender Download Free!

Alien City Defender

When the alien ships appeared in the sky everyone was happy. It turned out that we are not the only sentient beings in the universe. But soon our joy died away. Alien invaders destroyed our cities, killed many people. Now, all who can hold weapons have become to protect the Earth. Kill strangers. Free the Earth.
3392 EFOBE
EFOBE Download Free!


Have you ever wanted to be in the role of fish. No? And I didn't want to, but now you can feel on your skin what it's like to be a fish in the vast ocean. In this game you have a choice of skins for your fish (there are 10 skins and they will be available as the growth of your fish in the game increases). Each fish eaten is 0.0005% of your size. The more fish you eat in one go the more points you are credited. For example, you ate 100 fish in the first round, which is extremely problematic, you are awarded 100 points (and you will already have access to as many as 5 skins), then you ate 50 fish in the second round, your points will remain unchanged. Do you think you will increase to a huge size and all you will not care? In vain you think so because the surrounding fish will increase too.
3393 Psi Project
Psi Project Download Free!

Psi Project

Psi Project - a hardcore 2D shooter with elements of horror. The main character wakes up in an unknown place. Absolutely does not remember anything. Who is he and how did he get here. Throughout the search for answers, he is in every way tormented by all kinds of hallucinations. Can you find all the answers and get out of this hell? Look for weapons, ammunition to repel your most terrible visions. Your main task is to search for keys for all kinds of doors, find the very door through which you will go to a new level.
3394 Psi Project Legacy
Psi Project Legacy Download Free!

Psi Project Legacy

Psi Project Legacy - a new part of a hardcore 2D shooter with elements of horror. It starts all over again. You have to return to that ill-fated complex again and endure all the horror. The main character is tormented by nightmares. He can no longer discern where reality is and where sleep is. At one point this line breaks completely. Look for weapons and ammunition, destroy monsters, explore every meter in this hell, and for sure you will be able to understand who you are and what you really are. Be careful, new monsters are even more terrible and stronger than before. A wide variety of weapons will not allow you to remain defenseless in the face of evil. Can you survive and not lose your mind? A mixture of horror and dynamic shooter will not let you get bored!
3395 Galactic Battles
Galactic Battles Download Free!

Galactic Battles

Galactic Battles - a fairly complex 2D top-down space shooter in which you have to fight with alien invaders. The essence of this game is to go through a very long space path on which you will come across a wide variety of enemies, with a wide variety of weapons. But do not be afraid, you also have a good arsenal at your disposal. Conventional shots, super rockets, and mega shells will allow you to easily repel and destroy enemy attacks. So-called upgrades will also facilitate your space journey, collecting them you will improve your spaceship in every way. Follow all the steps above and this game will not let you get bored. Good luck!
3396 Crazy Scientist
Crazy Scientist Download Free!

Crazy Scientist

Crazy Scientist is a simple, intuitive 2D platformer with original, beautiful graphics that is suitable for people of all ages. In this platformer, you have to go through various, picturesque levels for a mad scientist. Your main mission is to complete levels by collecting test tubes. After collecting all the tubes at the level and defeating all the enemies you can go to the next level. Be careful, it may seem to you that the enemies are not smart enough, but this is not so, use chemical balls to defeat them.
3397 Cold Labyrinths
Cold Labyrinths Download Free!

Cold Labyrinths

Cold Labyrinths - a game in which you have to take on the role of a ranger examining ancient catacombs. Collect keys to open the passage to the next level, look for healing potions and help the ranger cope with his mission!
3398 Laser Galaxy Defender
Laser Galaxy Defender Download Free!

Laser Galaxy Defender

Laser Galaxy Defender is a dynamic scrolling shooter in the best traditions of the genre. Do not miss enemy ships and do not let destroy your own. Pick up bonuses to repair the ship and restore the line of defense. Defend the galaxy with the most powerful ship!
3399 Monsters Cleaner 2D
Monsters Cleaner 2D Download Free!

Monsters Cleaner 2D

Do not let monsters ruin everything! Drive them away with a broom and get points. Monsters Cleaner 2D game for speed and reaction with a unique visual style. Bright graphics and fun gameplay will not let you get bored!
3400 Woodland Morning Run
Woodland Morning Run Download Free!

Woodland Morning Run

Woodland Morning Run is a dynamic runner with beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay. Train your reaction and set records. Styling for eight-bit graphics and high-quality music will not leave indifferent fans of retro games!