Beauty Rank and Deviation from Ideal Beauty
The percentage value of this deviation - Deviation from Ideal Beauty can be one of the Beauty Rank components.

The distribution curve will look the same for the entire population of people. There are no values on the horizontal axis: They may change if the shape of the graph changes. And the shape may change depending on the people included in the sample. The more different people are included in this sample, the closer our curve will be to the actual regularity. Anyone can be beautiful in one group of people (the Beauty Rank is 100%) and completely ugly in another group of people (the Beauty Rank is 0%). That's the problem with calculating the Beauty Rank and it means that it is a relative value. If you calculate the Beauty Rank, you must specify the group of people it was calculated for and then you can say for sure what position on the beauty scale you occupy in this group if you have that particular Beauty Rank. At the same time, we can calculate the absolute value of the Beauty Rank for the entire population of people if we find ideally ugly people.

That is why it is interesting to know the deviation from ideal beauty. It does not depend on the sample and has some other advantages.
At the same time, you can compare how beautiful different people are by both the Beauty Rank and the Deviation from Ideal Beauty.