1 Highway Racer 3
Highway Racer 3 Download Free!

Highway Racer 3

You can choose one of the fastest cars which suits you best, and you can change its color, rims, and increase maneuver, acceleration and brake capabilities. You can get more credits and scores as long as you do not make accident along challenging highway, then you can use this credits to get new cars and modify them.
2 Junk Yard
Junk Yard Download Free!

Junk Yard

Take a ride on your iron horse through the junkyard. Collect all the tags. Roll around to your heart's content. Have fun crossing the big hills. You have 2 cars to choose from, on which you can easily dissect through the expanses of your native landfill.
3 Highway Racer 2
Highway Racer 2 Download Free!

Highway Racer 2

You can choose one of the fastest cars which suits you best, and you can change its color, rims, and increase maneuver, acceleration and brake capabilities. You can get more credits and scores as long as you do not make accident along challenging highway, then you can use this credits to get new cars and modify them.
4 Speed Biker
Speed Biker Download Free!

Speed Biker

Speed Biker is a hardcore game. You have to drive the track to the finish line. This will not be so easy to do. Good luck!
5 Fearless Racer
Fearless Racer Download Free!

Fearless Racer

Fearless Racer is a game for true lovers of driving a car. Become a fearless racer and ride your iron horse anywhere in the world! Overcome obstacles no matter where you are. Whether it's an ordinary summer or winter with slippery roads, even a zombie apocalypse or even 2077 itself. Playing Fearless Racer you will be charged with emotions and energy for the whole day!
6 Mastercar
Mastercar Download Free!


game "mastercar" .mastercar is a game for clerks in which you play as a car. So the game is meant to relax after a long time of robots. You can also play as a player by clicking the play as player button for the player. The graphics are very high quality. The game was created by the "lords" company.
7 Polygon Racing
Polygon Racing Download Free!

Polygon Racing

Main Features: 4 game modes: Race Mode, Time Trial, Score Attack, and Split-screen. Real-Time Positioning System: Each car works as a distance meter from the last passed checkpoints. Full Racing UI: Laps, race time, position, minimap, pause menu and start race countdown. Camera Views: There are 3 different cameras, change them with C or V for player 2 in split-screen. Music during races and sound FX in UI and menus. Car, Laps, and AI bots selector Color, Saturation, Brightness UI Picker. Split-screen game mode: Player 2 has a full race UI like Player 1. Play your track creator tracks selecting the laps, AI bots or even in split-screen.
8 Low Poly NFS
Low Poly NFS Download Free!

Low Poly NFS

This is a drift game, what's your fastest speed record? And do you know how to enter turns with the help of a skid ??? In this game, driving a Nissan Silvia S15, you can test your drifting skills!
9 Rolling Car
Rolling Car Download Free!

Rolling Car

The player, mouse click the screen to rev up or slow down their car in order to avoid other hastily-moving cars, and collect coins to unlock new cool cars. This is a gorgeous, easy-to-play-hard-to-master game brought to you by BlackDevil that will keep the player entertained for hours.
10 Mad Taxi
Mad Taxi Download Free!

Mad Taxi

MAD TAXI is a top-down game that will test your reaction and concentration. You drive a crazy drunk taxi driver. To the playful music, have time to click the mouse at the right time to turn and jump, the game becomes more difficult and accelerates with each level, during the arrival, alcohol complicates the control, you start to feel dizzy and disorientated, but you need to go and try not to kill yourself and deliver the passenger to destination.
CAPE Download Free!


CAPE is an indie game. In it, the player must drive as far as possible. However, this is not so easy to do. You can collect coins, as well as gasoline to make the car go. Mouse control.
12 Car Adventure
Car Adventure Download Free!

Car Adventure

Car Admenture is an exciting game about a car driving through obstacles. To go through the scanner, it will increase, and through the passage, it will decrease. Try this game!
13 Road Traffic
Road Traffic Download Free!

Road Traffic

Road Traffic - 6 lanes, a bunch of cars and you are alone. Race at full speed from all directions, and you are between them. Dodge them, ride between lanes and score points. All you need is not to get into an accident !!!
CIRCLE Download Free!


CIRCLE is a small indie game. In it, the player needs to control the car. Thus, you need to reach the finish line and overtake as many other cars as possible. You can do this in different ways. Controls: A, D.
15 Summer Race
Summer Race Download Free!

Summer Race

Summer Race - Take a ride on the summer track and collect all the coins to win.
16 Miami Racer Reforged
Miami Racer Reforged Download Free!

Miami Racer Reforged

Drive your own car in sunny Miami. Relax listening to music. Paint the car to your liking. Only you and the road, and more is not needed.
STREET SPEED Download Free!


STREET SPEED is a racing game with powerful cars in a small town.
18 Car And Coins
Car And Coins Download Free!

Car And Coins

Racing arcade game with pleasant music. Collect coins while driving along the freeway. Go around restrictive signs and other obstacles on your way. As you travel certain distances, the vehicle's speed will also increase. Also remember to use the jump. You can store your results in the high score table.
19 Need For Car
Need For Car Download Free!

Need For Car

NeedForCar You are flying along an infinitely long highway with insane speed. All the busses are filled with other cars. Dense traffic and oncoming traffic, your main enemies. Drive as much as possible and beat the records every time, more and more. Don't crash!
20 Go Ahead
Go Ahead Download Free!

Go Ahead

You are a car, you need to go forward without crashing into other cars, the further and longer you drive the more points you will score!
21 Cargo TLP
Cargo TLP Download Free!

Cargo TLP

Cargo Transportation: Low Poly is a game in which the player needs to take all the cargo (crates, barrels), through obstacles to the finish line. Cargo transportation will be carried out on one of the 4 cars to choose from, but in order for this choice to appear, you need to earn game coins to purchase new cars. The cars in the game are different: a pickup truck, a narrow truck, a mullion truck, and a large truck. Depending on the level, the player decides which car is more convenient for him to transport the cargo.
22 Drive Control Car
Drive Control Car Download Free!

Drive Control Car

DriveControlCar - Feel like a driver! Complete the driving test without crashing into any obstacle!
23 Race Against Time
Race Against Time Download Free!

Race Against Time

Race Against Time is a skill arcade game. In which you play the role of a driver in five missions, from driving on the wrong side of the road to the chase. By completing missions, you can earn bucks to purchase cars. There are six cars in the game and each one has its own speed, so good luck on the road!
24 Crazzy Letters Racing
Crazzy Letters Racing Download Free!

Crazzy Letters Racing

Do you want to learn how to quickly type text on a computer? Then rather download the game and train the speed of printing by playing.
25 Physics Car Forever
Physics Car Forever Download Free!

Physics Car Forever

Physics car FOREVER is a game where you need to get from point A to point B. The difficulty lies in getting to the finish line. Transport reacts to surface irregularities. Somewhere you have to drive carefully, but somewhere on the contrary, accelerate in order to jump over a hole or an obstacle. There are several types of transport at your disposal, for example, a motorcycle is more maneuverable than a regular car. Monster Trucks are better at overcoming bumps on the surface, and the car with square wheels is just special. Do not forget that during the flight you can change the slope of the vehicle. This will prevent you from rolling over upon landing.
26 Crazy Racer
Crazy Racer Download Free!

Crazy Racer

Take control of your car. The vehicle rushes without slowing down. Try to avoid collisions with other cars in order not to lose. Drive as far as possible safe and sound.
FREE ROAD Download Free!


FREE ROAD - Always be careful on the road!
28 Test Cars
Test Cars Download Free!

Test Cars

Test Cars is an exciting racing simulator. The game has the ability to choose 3 different cars. You have a unique opportunity to fully test your car the way you want. Your task is to have fun on the map. The game has realistic controls for each vehicle. Test your driving skills right now and show what you are capable of.
29 Park Your Car
Park Your Car Download Free!

Park Your Car

Parking game is a great alternative to driving school training simulators! Sometimes it is even more difficult to pass the proposed plot than to pass the traffic police exam. Users should carefully and without accidents put their favorite car in the parking lot, without damaging either their own or someone else's car. There are a lot of difficulties. This is a difficult route, and obstacles encountered on the way, and changing speed conditions, and much more. Are you not afraid of difficult tasks and consider yourself an ace car enthusiast? Then try to reach the finish line without hindrance and take the right place for your car. Weak?!
30 Taxi Game
Taxi Game Download Free!

Taxi Game

Cool criminal story tasks, dynamic music and gameplay, pumping, level, realistic behavior, a large map with many buildings. Tasks (special) are completely random. There are those that need to perform the same thing, but the price is specifically different. Completely unique story tasks will fill the game with meaning.
31 Road Racer
Road Racer Download Free!

Road Racer

The new Road Racer game gives you the ability to drive on a road full of traffic! Overtake other cars! Beautiful graphics and easy controls! Two game modes - night and day. Turn on nitro and hit the speed of light!
32 Super Racer 3D
Super Racer 3D Download Free!

Super Racer 3D

Super Racer 3D is a dynamic game in which you play as a car and must cover as much distance as possible. Controls: arrows to the left, right.
33 Crazy Driver
Crazy Driver Download Free!

Crazy Driver

In this game you have to drive a broken car. ontrol: Left Button Mouse.
34 Extreme Drift
Extreme Drift Download Free!

Extreme Drift

Extreme Drift is the ultimate drift racing game that you always wanted to play! This immersive, epic car game. There are dozens of cars you can choose from in this racing game, and you need to burn rubber on the asphalt if you really want to win. If you love street racing and drifting, Extreme Drift is the coolest game you can play. These street racing are immersive and you have the unique opportunity to modify your car the way you want. There are dozens of levels to choose from, and they all come with twists and turns to test your drifting capabilities. Your focus is to try and become the best and reach the finish line first. It s not easy to do that in this seesaw, challenging simulator game. Extreme Drift offers you then best racing experience and a cool way to drift around the horizon against people from all over the world. Do you have what it takes to become the best driver in the universe? Test out your skills against millions of other players, only with Extreme Drift by downloading it today!
35 Avoidance
Avoidance Download Free!


Avoidance - this game where you have to overtake cars and collect points. To score points you need to collect balls. If you crash into a car, you will lose. Arrow control. Download this game and get at least 30 points.
36 Racing Drift
Racing Drift Download Free!

Racing Drift

An arcade racing game where you need to drive on the race track and earn points, and the further you go, the higher the speed of the car and the easier it is to crash!
37 Simple Racing
Simple Racing Download Free!

Simple Racing

After the countdown is over, be alert. Overtake other cars. Try to cross the finish line first. Drive carefully so as not to overturn your car.
38 Neon Car
Neon Car Download Free!

Neon Car

You play simultaneously for two cars, control arrows, collect circles to increase the level and avoid squares so as not to lose.
39 Iso Car
Iso Car Download Free!

Iso Car

This is a game where you have to cross hills and prevent your load from falling out. To collect points, you need to climb the hills that are on the game map. The game is controlled with a computer mouse, when pressed in front of the car, the car goes forward, when pressed behind the car, the car goes back. Also, this game opens in a windowed form, so you can play the game and do other things. So try playing Twisted Road and get at least 30 points.
40 Tank Tracks Survive
Tank Tracks Survive Download Free!

Tank Tracks Survive

Tank Tracks Survive is a race on an extreme track you can't get off. You have to take on the role of a tester of the new, fastest tank in the world! A special track with many obstacles was created for him. Can you overcome them all?
41 Twisted Road
Twisted Road Download Free!

Twisted Road

This is a game where you have to dodge blocks blocking your path. To score points you need to catch the balls that are on the game card. The game is controlled using a computer mouse. Also, this game opens in a windowed form, so you can play the game and do other things. So try playing Twisted Road and get at least 30 points.
42 Full Road Car
Full Road Car Download Free!

Full Road Car

Full Road Car is a crazy action game on a road with too many cars! But this is not a problem for you, because your car has a cannon! Use it wisely and only if absolutely necessary, then, perhaps, you will last a little longer on this crazy road!
43 Road To Home
Road To Home Download Free!

Road To Home

Road To Home - Your main goal is to get home. It will be difficult, as there will be other cars on your way and they will come at you. Yes, you are driving in the opposite lane, but you are in a hurry.
44 Hill Drive
Hill Drive Download Free!

Hill Drive

HillDrive is a game in which you will drive through the mountains. The main goal of the game is to find all the coins scattered around the map.
45 Sled Racing
Sled Racing Download Free!

Sled Racing

A 3D Remake of Club Penguins classic mini-game Sled Racing! Featuring AI and Endless mode!
46 Apo Car Road
Apo Car Road Download Free!

Apo Car Road

ApoCar Road is a survival road full of evil zombies and all kinds of obstacles. Your car is going to its goal, shoot everything in its path to clear the road. Train your reflexes and calculate your way ahead, the only way you can achieve the best results in this dynamic game!
47 Russian Car Drift
Russian Car Drift Download Free!

Russian Car Drift

Russian Car Drift is a simulation game. You drive a Lada 2108 car, the engine has been replaced with a Toyota 2JZ-GTE. Show your drifting skills!
48 Mountain Racing
Mountain Racing Download Free!

Mountain Racing

Mountain Racing is a simple racing game. Show your best score on the mountain road. You have a choice of 3 cars and 4 colors.
49 Madness Car Tracks 3
Madness Car Tracks 3 Download Free!

Madness Car Tracks 3

Madness Car Tracks 3 is a whole new level of survival racing! Extreme tracks and many obstacles are waiting for the winner! The tracks have become even more difficult and interesting. Perform incredible stunts and pass the test, only the strongest will reach the final!
50 Cabmep
Cabmep Download Free!


Cadmep is a game in which you have to be in the role of a car and go around obstacles in the form of cones and collect gasoline. The game has nice looking Low poly graphics so it will work even on the weakest computers. Control WASD, Shift.
51 Madness Car Tracks 2
Madness Car Tracks 2 Download Free!

Madness Car Tracks 2

Madness Car Tracks 2 is a continuation of the race on an extreme track that you can't get off. Now there are many obstacles on the tracks, and this makes them even more difficult and interesting. Perform incredible stunts and pass the test, only the strongest will reach the final!

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