1050 Flappy Box
Flappy Box Download Free!

Flappy Box

Flappy Box is a game where you have to dodge thorns and collect circles. When you collect a circle, you get a point. If you hit a thorn, you die. The game opens in a windowed form so you can play the game and go about your business. So download this game and collect 30 points.
1051 Whist
Whist Download Free!


An intelligent card game for four players. Distinctive features of the game: sound and music, original preservation of game results + history of all games played, the ability to play over the network and via the Internet, scalability of the main window and all child objects, including maps. Decent intelligence for computer players. Having played a cycle of 40 hands, you can send your account to our server, so that fans of this game around the world can compete with each other. Availability of Internet radio for listening to 80 radio stations from different countries. Voice acting of playing cards in three languages, etc. To use all the features of the game, you may need additional dlls, which can be found on the developer's website.
1052 Coob
Coob Download Free!


Coob is an interesting isomitric puzzle game with a huge number of levels The game also has nice graphics Capabilities Rotate the camera in all directions on the right and left arrows Character control W / S / D R - reload
1053 Alien Destroyer
Alien Destroyer Download Free!

Alien Destroyer

Alien Destroyer is a retro game in which you have to fight for space. Aliens attacked our planet. Your task is to destroy hostile creatures as much as possible. With every kill you get points. It's time to save the galaxy.
1054 Ominous Blood
Ominous Blood Download Free!

Ominous Blood

The bloody mist slowly descended to the ground. For many years working as a security guard for old garages, this has not yet been identified. Suddenly, from behind the old cars, a heartbreaking scream was heard and a terrible person appeared from there. His entire body was covered with bloody boils. He quickly lunged at you. Now only weapons will save lives.
1055 Fidgi
Fidgi Download Free!


Fidgi is a fun platformer where you have to get out of a dangerous maze. But it's not that simple! Evil slugs and dangerous traps will interfere with this!
1056 Break
Break Download Free!


Hello, if you are a fan of games where your task is to destroy, then you are at the right place! Here, no one limits you in anything, destroy everything as you want. The game is very relaxing and stress relieving.
1057 Dark Alien City 2
Dark Alien City 2 Download Free!

Dark Alien City 2

The alien planet, which seemed welcoming, presented a surprise. This Earth-like planet smelled of malice. These strangers do not like the fact that uninvited guests have arrived. You have to kill aliens otherwise you will not survive. Look for weapons and ammunition. They will be useful to you.
1058 Old Maze
Old Maze Download Free!

Old Maze

Old Maze is an addicting and hardcore maze game in which you have to complete 4 different levels of increasing difficulty. You cannot touch the walls or you will lose. In the game you will find an excellent soundtrack that immerses you in the atmosphere of this game! movement: WASD or Arrows.
1059 Mega Super
Mega Super Download Free!

Mega Super

A flat or three-dimensional playing field is divided into adjacent cells (squares, hexagons, cubes, etc.), some of which are "mined"; the number of "mined" cells is known. the goal of the game is to open all the cells that do not contain mines. The player opens the cells, trying not to open the cell with a mine. Opening the cell with a mine, he loses. Mines are placed after the first move, so it is impossible to lose on the first move. If by open cell mines not, it appears the number of cells adjacent to the newly opened, "bomb" (in each version of the game the neighborhood is defined differently); using these numbers, the player tries to calculate the location of mines, but sometimes even in the middle and at the end of the game some cells still have to open at random. If there are no mines under the neighboring cells, then some "non-mined" area opens up to the cells that have numbers in them. "Mined" cells can be marked by the player, so as not to accidentally open them. By opening all the" non-mined " cells, the player wins.
1060 Otherbase
Otherbase Download Free!


the military conducted an experiment to teleport objects. But during the experiment, a failure occurred and a portal to an unknown world was opened. A group of researchers was sent to him, but the connection with them was cut off. After a while, demons began to move from the portal to our world, the entire base turned into hell. Its entire territory is completely surrounded by the military. You are sent there in order to scout the situation.
1061 Undead Crown
Undead Crown Download Free!

Undead Crown

The world is full of zombies. The old base became a refuge for the survivors. Now it is a new home for people from the immediate vicinity. The base is impregnable and well protected from all sides. But even she could not withstand the attacks of the zombies that broke through on her through the portals. You need to recapture the base and protect civilians. Weapons are scattered around the base to help you defend.
1062 Mystical Plat
Mystical Plat Download Free!

Mystical Plat

A mystical magical world filled with many oddities! Do you know who lives in the tent, or who is hiding behind a tree? do you want to know? in this case, you must play MysticalPlat!
1063 Space Shooter 2D
Space Shooter 2D Download Free!

Space Shooter 2D

Control a small spaceship. Fly through the universe. On the way, you will meet enemy pilots. Dodge their attacks and shoot back from your guns. Collect points. You have 3 tries before you finally lose.
1064 Simple Racing
Simple Racing Download Free!

Simple Racing

After the countdown is over, be alert. Overtake other cars. Try to cross the finish line first. Drive carefully so as not to overturn your car.
1065 Brick Breaker
Brick Breaker Download Free!

Brick Breaker

Move the horizontal platform. Throw the ball up. Shoot down rectangular structures with them. Catch the ball in time and launch it up again. You have exactly three tries before you finally fail.
1066 The Bun 2D
The Bun 2D Download Free!

The Bun 2D

Help the character overcome all obstacles on his way. Despite the simple controls, the game can be challenging. Time your jump accurately. Jump over obstacles to the beat.
1067 Dreaming Cat
Dreaming Cat Download Free!

Dreaming Cat

Dreamin' Cat - a little platformer game about how a cat is trying to get rid of nightmares, get some food and find a way home. Use arrow keys to move, Z to jump. Use headphones for a better experience.
1068 Neon Car
Neon Car Download Free!

Neon Car

You play simultaneously for two cars, control arrows, collect circles to increase the level and avoid squares so as not to lose.
1069 Crazy Ball 2
Crazy Ball 2 Download Free!

Crazy Ball 2

Control the ball gently. Shoot down coins. Ride carefully, trying not to go out of bounds, otherwise the defeat will be counted. Also, do not fall under the orange cubes falling from above.
1070 Creatures In The Dark
Creatures In The Dark Download Free!

Creatures In The Dark

In search of the missing soldiers, I stumbled upon caves, the entrance to the cave was from above, I went down there and heard a cry for help and ran there! The communication stopped working to contact the foot and I had to confront the incomprehensible creatures alone!
1071 Jump On Block
Jump On Block Download Free!

Jump On Block

Jump On Block is a 2D platformer game with 5 levels. it seems that 5 levels are not enough, but in each level it is different from the other in one you jump on the surface and in the other in the cave and the levels are not limited to one caves, with each level new things are added that interfere with you, saws, spikes, lasers. Can you complete all levels? Check it!
1072 Deep Fly
Deep Fly Download Free!

Deep Fly

Deep Fly is a game where you have to collect coins. But you need to beware of obstacles. In the game, control with the mouse. Also, the game opens in a windowed form, thanks to which you can play it and go about your business. So download this game and get at least 30 points.
1073 Chess
Chess Download Free!


Intellectual game for two players. Distinctive features of the game: soundtrack, voice acting, original preservation of game results, the ability to play on the network and via the Internet. It is possible to select boards and figures. Decent intelligence of a computer player. Having played a cycle of 10 rounds, you can send your account to our server, so that fans of this game around the world can compete with each other. It is possible to connect third-party engines that support the UCI protocol. To use all the features of the game, you may need additional dlls, which can be found on the developer's website.
1074 Magic Arena
Magic Arena Download Free!

Magic Arena

Having decided to rob an ancient temple on an abandoned planet, where robbers have disappeared for many years, you have prepared perfectly. The best weapons and magic amulets were bought for very big money. From the outside, the temple seemed empty. Only when you entered the temple, where you felt fear and death, did you see many portals, from which crowds of monsters rushed at you. Now only hope for your experience, weapons and magic.
1075 Sander
Sander Download Free!


Sander is a fun platformer where you have to escape from a mysterious island where evil slugs live and dangerous traps are located! Not everyone can survive!
1076 Basketball Hoop
Basketball Hoop Download Free!

Basketball Hoop

Basketball Hoop is a game in which the player needs to hit the basketball hoop with a soccer ball! In this game, you will not throw the ball, but hit it with your foot! To get the ball into the basketball hoop - you will need to correctly control the computer mouse! Because to hit weaker-you need to hold down the left mouse button for a long time, and to get stronger, then you need to quickly release the left mouse button. The game has 18 levels and each level will have a different position from where you will hit the ball.
1077 Belling Coin
Belling Coin Download Free!

Belling Coin

Classic maze puzzle mechanics in a new game! Beautiful graphics and interesting gameplay are waiting for you in "BELLING COINS". You play as an adventurer who is being chased by an ancient ninja clan. Your task is to collect all the coins on the level before the enemies catch up with you. The task is made difficult not only by opponents running around the level, but also by dangerous traps that will not let you relax in your adventure. There are special crystals to help you complete the task - they will make your enemies vulnerable. Pick up the crystal and the roles will change for a while and you become a hunter. Be careful and the victory is yours. Forward to the adventure!
1078 Electrician
Electrician Download Free!


Recently, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural phenomena have become more frequent, as a result of which wires are broken and settlements are without electricity. sometimes the activity of people leads to the fact that entire regions are plunged into darkness. factories stop, it is cold and dark in apartments, and for medical institutions it is generally a disaster. therefore, your task is to restore power supply to all objects as quickly as possible. all elements of electrical wires can be rotated around the axis, but their configuration remains unchanged. In the time allotted to you, you can try several options. those wires that carry current are colored yellow, while those that are de-energized remain gray.
1079 Throne Of Fate
Throne Of Fate Download Free!

Throne Of Fate

Hello traveler. Plunge into the world of magic and mysteries, fight evil creatures, find unique weapons, extract resources and defeat incredible creatures over and over again! Collect powerful artifacts that will help you in battle, in the game you will die again and again, but each time you will have an advantage over the next adventure! What are you waiting for? Step forward and determine your destiny!
1080 Space Craft 2
Space Craft 2 Download Free!

Space Craft 2

Your ship crashed on the unknown planet BURA 0-5.1. This planet is not yet unknown to your race and who knows what awaits you here! You will have to set up your camp, establish contact with civilians and protect yourself from hostile creatures that are waiting for you with the onset of pitch darkness! Game combines elements of survival, construction and exploration of a mysterious planet. In SPACE Craft only you will find several chapters that you need to go through to complete your story! You will find: free movement around the island, research of local customs. Discover the secrets of this planet and the race that inhabits it!
1081 Pyramid And Ball
Pyramid And Ball Download Free!

Pyramid And Ball

Hello, in this game you need to reach the goal as the ball, but on the way you will be met by various obstacles. The game is suitable for arcade lovers.
1082 Football Russian 2018
Football Russian 2018 Download Free!

Football Russian 2018

What do you think is the situation when football is played in Russia in small towns and villages? In this game you can enjoy the Russian atmosphere of football and shoot a penalty to an intoxicated goalkeeper! Your familiar drinking buddies will put you a wall (close the gate) to make it harder for you to score a goal in the goal. In the game, your task is to score three goals out of four to earn the maximum number of game points. Use the keyboard arrows to twist the ball in its flight.
1083 Fall Switch
Fall Switch Download Free!

Fall Switch

Fall Switch is a game where you have to collect coins and not get caught by thorns. The game is controlled with one touch; when you press the left mouse button, the character changes its trajectory. The game also opens in a windowed form, thanks to which you can play Fall Switch and do other things. But do not think that everything is so simple, this game will make you sweat. So download Fall Switch and get at least 30 points.
1084 Farm World
Farm World Download Free!

Farm World

Always dreamed of your own farm? Ever wanted to grow trees and receive income from the gifts of the land? Then Farm World will help you experience farm life! Grow trees and sell their fruits, relax on three large and cute islands! A cute and pleasant visual will help pass your time and enjoy the farmer's life! Good luck!
1085 Slipdog
Slipdog Download Free!


Old buildings hide many secrets. Many years ago, experiments were carried out on the territory of this base to modify people. There are servants that the poor fellows on whom the experiments were carried out are still inside. Exploring the area, you found the entrance to the bunker. After opening the doors, crowds of mutants rushed out of the darkness. We need to escape from these monsters and leave this damned place. Don't let the monsters drive you into a corner.
1086 Targetbase
Targetbase Download Free!


A human colony was founded on one of the moons of Saturn. For the purpose of geological exploration of the satellite, a tunnel was drilled into the bowels of the satellite. But it turned out that representatives of the local fauna were hiding under the ice. Crowds of terrible monsters climbed to the surface. They have filled your entire base. Even scientists will have to take up arms in order to drive away these alien monsters.
1087 Drova
Drova Download Free!


The Order accepted you as a novice and sent you to the unknown land called Draheim. There the conflict between the Order and a local faction is about to escalate. Alban, high-ranking scout of the Order, awaits you in the tavern "To the Headless Ripper" with an important report of the area. Get the report and get out. Sounds easy, doesn't it?
1088 Top Down Zombie
Top Down Zombie Download Free!

Top Down Zombie

TopDown Zombie is a top-down shooter in which the player must face hordes of zombies! Collect first aid kits to last as long as possible and set the biggest record. Will you be able to survive this brutal battle?
1089 Dark Age World 2
Dark Age World 2 Download Free!

Dark Age World 2

Dark Age World 2 is a hardcore retro platformer in which you have to find all the keys and exit the dungeons. With each level, the dungeons become larger and more difficult, but it only makes playing more interesting! Help the adventurer get out of the trap!
1090 Millos Horror Game
Millos Horror Game Download Free!

Millos Horror Game

Milos Horror game is the best of its kind game for bringing horror to adolescents and adults, the average age limit is 16+, the horror action takes place in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, where the hero-journalist faces the dangers in the form of a psychopath, having already got into a psychiatric hospital, he begins see strange creatures. Unlike many similar games, the game character does not have a weapon, does not know how to fight, but is forced to run away and hide from pursuing enemies. The only thing he can do is break down doors. Storyline: The first action is to find the basement and get the first quest.
1091 Snowballs
Snowballs Download Free!


Snowballs is for two people. One person plays as a blue character, another person plays as a green character. The task of the players is to fire snowballs at their opponent. Each player has 5 lives. In the location, you can move along the platforms, running away from the opponent. Blue character keys: Z, X, S, left shift Green character keys: left arrow, right arrow, up arrow, right shift The game perfectly raises the Christmas and New Year mood!
1092 China Simulator
China Simulator Download Free!

China Simulator

Hello, in this game you need to deal with the development of China, hire people and send them to the factory in time, if you do not have time to send people to the factory, the number of unemployed will start to increase and your country will become poorer.


COLORFULBALLOONS - Multicolored balloons attack!
1094 Raccoon
Raccoon Download Free!


Hey, do you want to learn how to type fast? Or increase the speed of printing?Then download the game Raccoon and complete 20 wildly challenging levels I say right away you need to turn on the English layout of letters otherwise the game will not work do not worry if you are a beginner in printing speed there are levels for beginners for average and pros in general download and play and you will not regret it.
1095 Hi On The Other Side
Hi On The Other Side Download Free!

Hi On The Other Side

Do you hear that noise, Hyree? Does this cool breeze calm you down? The same breeze can dispel the clouds on which you are sitting) One wrong move - and you will fall into an unknown abyss .... Hee-hee, you have to go through the last test before you become a real cat, grow wings, and you can fly freely, without worrying about falling from these clouds! No more fear of heights! However, what if you fail? Did you know that there is not a single live cat that has not passed the exam?)
1096 It Falls
It Falls Download Free!

It Falls

It Falls! - On the vastness of the site you can find a lot of different games. A logical question arises: how can our game differ from tens and hundreds of others? The answer is very simple: in our game you not only kill time while sitting in the bus, but also relax. There you will not strain your eyes too much, you are just drawing lines. The meaning of drawing lines? Each line gives you the ability to catch many objects. Yes, you are sitting and catching squares. Isn't it great? Moreover, the developers tried to add as much variety of music as possible, which, we hope, will please you. So put your headphones on and let's play! At the moment of the game release, the game contains 2 chapters, 20 levels each. But with your support and participation, we will add more and more new chapters! Also, do not forget to rate us. And if you are interested in further development, then subscribe to updates.
1097 Outcast Kingdom
Outcast Kingdom Download Free!

Outcast Kingdom

The kingdom is in decline, a magical fog covered cities and villages. The walking dead began to appear from the fog, destroying all living things. Many people flee to remote areas to survive. The government decided to raise an army to protect people from the dead. You, together with the army, went to the old ruined city to give battle to the monsters. Kill all monsters and save the kingdom from monsters.
1098 Sunrise Of Puzzles
Sunrise Of Puzzles Download Free!

Sunrise Of Puzzles

Puzzle game, which is a mosaic that needs to be made up of many fragments of a picture of various shapes. It is one of the most affordable toys that develop logical thinking, attention, memory, and imagination. Such wonderful images are very useful for the development of thinking and cognitive abilities of a person. According to psychologists, playing puzzles promotes the development of imaginative and logical thinking, voluntary attention, perception, in particular, distinguishing individual elements by color, shape, size, etc.; teaches you to correctly perceive the connection between part and whole.
1099 Monsterpost
Monsterpost Download Free!


After a new virus hit humanity, dark times came. Most of the population was turned into bloodthirsty monsters. All attempts to find a vaccine have been unsuccessful. The surviving people have already come to terms with their death, but a new monster was found, whose blood could heal this disease and save the remaining people. You are sent to search for this rare monster. You arrived in the destroyed city, where you saw it, but it turned out that this city is teeming with hordes of monsters. You need to kill all the monsters so that no one interferes with your search.
1100 Sad Ball 7 Winter Edition
Sad Ball 7 Winter Edition Download Free!

Sad Ball 7 Winter Edition

This game includes 9 levels. The levels have hidden passages in the walls, walls restarting the game, and hidden doors in the wall, so you need to be careful, or rather lucky, since the texture is identical to a regular wall. Controls as in normal games W-Up S-Down D-Right A-Left. This is a puzzle game, short but difficult. There are no saves, but they are not needed either.