Verge is a simple puzzle game featuring 30 levels. The goal is to hold the Red Star’s shape by avoiding or destroying hostile purple shapes in its path. Each level requires a certain task, where you have to calculate your steps on the way to the goal. In the first step you have to place the shapes on the playing field, and then bring the plan into action.

Destroy hostile figures, and change the position of the obstacles as you need to sacrifice one for its figures, and those use it to achieve your goal!

How to play:
1) First you need to choose the type of shape that you want to put on the green cell on the playing field. Shapes to the right of the image shows how much is left of this type of figure.
2) Once all the pieces are placed, you need to press the triangle to start the game. To restart the level, press the button with the curved arrow.
3) To select the shape that you want to move, click on it the left mouse button. Then the cells into which you can put this figure will light up green. Movement through obstacles and other figures is not possible. Each type of shape has its own rules of movement.
4) As soon as progress is made, the hostile figures attack, and if your figure is in the area of movement, sometimes it can be used.
5) If you sent your figure to move to a place that is hostile, it’s destroyed.
6) If you sent your figure to move to the yellow wall, you can move it if the cell beyond it is free. Pink walls cannot be moved.
7) By moving a piece onto the area of scarlet stars, you win at that level.



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