The Invation Fleet

You are in charge of the interstellar expedition, which was sent to colonize Earth-like planets. It was expected that on this planet there are forms of life, and it's your team that is intended to meet the local inhabitants. And if need be, by force you will snatch from them another planet for humanity. You must build a base on the surface of the planet, collect resources, and seize other people's sites in the new world and defend your own. The higher your activity on the planet's surface, the more aggressive the behavior of the local inhabitants, who will eventually attack your base. At your disposal will be three spacecraft orbiting of the planet: Colonialist, Engineering and Combat. Each of them is useful in assigning this planet: The colonialist carries is the majority of people that made the trip. Engineering is needed for resource extraction in the open space and production. Battle conducts strikes against concentrations of opponents on the planet's surface from orbit.

1-3: Contact tower from orbit, on board the Engineering Ship
4-6: Construction of the tower of the resource base
R: Rotation of the base in the construction
WASD: Move camera
RMB: Cancel construction
Alt: Details of the units in a battle



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