Flying Rock Arena

FlyingRock is a top view fencing arcade game in which the player with the mouse controls the movement of weapons.
It is a spiritual successor of Hammerfight, but with a different approach to the problem of arms control.
The goal is to destroy the enemies by directing the movement of weapons while preventing the death and destruction of the character column in the center of the arena.
Controls are as follows:
The movement of the cursor with respect to the character forces him to carry weapons and to turn in the direction in which the cursor moves.
To move the character:
Mouse mode only sets the position of the cursor movement direction.
In Keyboard + Mouse mode, the mouse still sets the direction in which the character looks, but movement is directed with WASD keys based on the viewing direction of the character.
* Unusual gameplay. This is not a character controlled weapon that you strike!
* Easy operation
* Lots of levels and types of opponents
* Three modes:

Arena, where the player goes into battle with skillful warriors and magical creatures.
Duel, in which the objective is to destroy the enemy's column, or himself.
Flying stone, where destruction of the target (for the most part, aggressive), is carried out using stone, where you direct your attacks and defense pillar in the center of the arena from him.



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